One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Fly-on-the-wall treatment of an ordinary day in the life of a prisoner in Stalin's Gulag. Closely adapted from Solzhenitsyn's classic novel based on his own experiences. Shot entirely on location in northern Norway

Fly-on-the-wall treatment of an ordinary day in the life of a prisoner in Stalin's Gulag. Closely adapted from Solzhenitsyn's classic novel based on his own experiences. Shot entirely on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich torrent reviews

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Joe D (kr) wrote: Absolutely terrible; and not in a good way.

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Rico Z (es) wrote: Over the years, stories of border crossings and immigrant dreams of a better life have become increasingly popular. But they certainly have not become a dime-a-dozen. Their messages of hope in the face of insurmountable adversity is ever-present and ever-relevant in a world where living among and toleratig people different from ourselves is the norm.Cruzando is a film that explores the relatively sweeter side of coming to America. This is in contrast to recent fare lilke the brutally arresting Sin Nombre which explores the darker, deadlier side of the danger Central American immigrants face. In Cruzando provides a balanced look at a very specific reason for which someone would choose (or be forced) to visit the U.S.Meme is a young man who has grown up without his father. His vague recollections of time spent with the man are just that: vague. He knows that his father left to make a better life for himself--but Meme was forgotten along the way. Flash forward a couple of decades and his father now facing execution in a Texas prison. Word get to Meme; and he is forced to make a life-changing decision.The catch is that Meme is now facing fatherhood himself. He must decide whether witnessing the death of the man who abandoned him is more important that being present for the birth of the son he is now abandoning. What ensues is a harrowing tale determination, the will to persevere and friendship--as Meme brings his best pal Diego along for moral support (and comic relief for the audience.)Cruzando ultimately feels a litte bit empty as it lacks a well-known cast and a broader, more epic scope. But the story itself is one that should be played intimately--and in that regard, the film succeeds briliantly. It showcases the hardships faced by the less-fortunate immigrants without implying that these are hardships which the immigrants are too cowardly to own-up to. Eventually, the man's decision is redeemed by a return to what is truly important to all of us. Home.

Abby H (gb) wrote: I love this movie! One of my favorites

Tommie G (br) wrote: Being a fan of Stephen King, I have to admit I loved this film enough to buy it on DVD. The closest thing to 'Misery' I've ever seen. Gotta love a mystery Thriller where the Bad Guy wins

Wong H (ca) wrote: a film of great beauty, kind of love no man ever imagined

Adriano B (ag) wrote: It's like Little Women with well-mannered bitches. What's not to love, haters?

Eliel L (jp) wrote: Una pelcula corriente con una idea creativa, pero solamente es un simple intento de dramtico.

Laura A (es) wrote: Un film trs triste, vraiment... Alan Rickman m'aura roule dans la farine jusqu'au bout. Quant Juliet Stevenson, elle fait un peu trop la folle mon got par moments XD Je m'attendais vraiment ce que ce film soit drle, une sorte de comdie romantique, mais c'est vraiment trop triste...

amy m (br) wrote: old movie but it was good

Aaron C (us) wrote: a messy tangled web that proved to hit too close to home (& not at the box office). A real pity, it was plain campy, convoluted & pointless, considering twas Hepburn's & Stratten's last film. Speaking of campy, camp's lines were downright irritating and made me wanna walk out a coupla times -- except it was our bedroom :P The view of the NY helipads & old cabs were nice though.

Dustin P (us) wrote: Not really sure why this movie is so famous. Not to say that it was bad, but it didn't really entertain me that much. Maybe my expectations were too high from the reputation this film has or perhaps it's just a generational difference of what's considered entertaining?

Lisa H (ca) wrote: This movie is so bizarre, its tantalizing. I love it!

Nathan A (es) wrote: A by-the-numbers crime drama.

Lee L (mx) wrote: A funny movie, but I was expecting more from Stiller and The Farrelly's. Didnt help that Stillers charatcer wasnt very likeable. Good ending though!