One Eight Seven

One Eight Seven

After surviving a stabbing by a student, teacher Trevor Garfield moves from New York to Los Angeles. There, he resumes teaching as a substitute teacher. The education system, where violent bullies control the classrooms and the administration is afraid of lawsuits, slowly drives Garfield mad.

Fleeing New York City after he is almost fatally stabbed by a vengeful student, dedicated teacher Trevor moves to an inner-city Los Angeles high school to start anew. But to his dismay, his new school is as full of dangerously undisciplined students as the last one, driving Trevor over the edge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenny T (br) wrote: Very good story, funny and thought provoking. Loved it!

Darren P (ca) wrote: A pretty silly sort of ok.

Habib A (us) wrote: After falling in love with the blue-eyed and gorgeous Jennifer Connelly after her strong performance in "Requiem for a Dream," I made it a point to try and watch anything released with her in it subsequently. This is one of those films that I feel suffered from insufficient promotion, marketing, and publicity - hence why hardly anyone knows or heard about it. Awesome storyline, plot, acting though. Great, great, film.

Juliano K (nl) wrote: I love this kind of movie.... childish. gory and scaryish.... nov/01/2016

The Critic (es) wrote: An agreeable sequel to the first Ewok film, 'Caravan of Courage' (1984), continuing from where it left off. This one's all the better for not having a narrator and being slightly darker in tone (the young protagonist's parents are killed off in the first ten minutes), 'The Battle for Endor' is a satisfactory effort, showcasing some nifty (though altogether inferior) special effects.

Kaneda (de) wrote: [b]The Saddest Music In The World[/b] - Sort of a live action [i]Meet The Feebles[/i]. Very bizarre, very funny, very demented. [b]Lone Wolf and Cub 1[/b] - This has the makings of masterpiece material. I tried to watch part 2, but the subtitles wouldn't work. Dammit. [b]Goldeneye: Rogue Agent[/b] - Three fourths of this game is great. Lots of fun, good gimmicks. Then it starts to go downhill. You realize the lack of weapons...repetative way puzzles. Then it really sucks. You get to the last level, and they introduce a new weapon. It kills you with one shot, and you can see the enemy unloading it on you because it shoots big blue orbs. When you finally kill one of these guys and get the new weapon, it only shoots one at a time for you, and after three shots you have to reload. Plus, its bullets are so slow, you can't hit shit with it. I never killed anyone with that stupid thing. Also, the last level is so annoying you won't even finish it. You keep getting killed with the one shot gun and then have to replay shit. Too bad, this game had some good potential. ------------------------------------------------------------ Well, its been a nuts weekend. Friday night I hung out with the woman a bit, then she left and I got completely loaded and played [b]Goldeneye: Rogue Agent[/b] till three o'clock in the morning. This game is kicking ass! Saturday night I had a show at a party with Incomplete, which went well. We played for like four and a half freakin' hours! Dammit, enough already, lets go home. Woke up early Sunday morning so I could play a special song in front of church with my old man and some other friends, which also went well. Get home, play Rogue Agent for several hours, get the last level, where it changes from very fun challenging to so extremely hard its not even fun. Quit game. Glad it was a rental, or else I would have distroyed it. Sunday evening I was looking forward to some couch time, as I am still sore from the show on Saturday, but I get talked into going to a poker game and having my way paid in. I win. I double my friends money and still come out way ahead. Killer.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Sean Connerys last official Bond movie and i'm affraid he goes out with a wimper, I think the studio knew it wasn't a good script so they tried their best to bring back Connery hoping it was enough to make the film better but even Connery seems uninterested in playing Bond anymore and does nothing new to the film, The plot is very strange and when we eventually find out what it's all about it wasn't worth the wait and kind of stupid, And the film is overlong there's little to no action and when there is it's nothing new, Apart from one good car chase the main thing that this film will be remembered by is the soundtrack.

Craig D (mx) wrote: Top (10) Scary Movie of ALL~Time!

Jason S (mx) wrote: the only reason why i saw this due to danica mckellar was in it needless to say wasn't a good slasher/horror type movie

Rachael H (fr) wrote: Slightly predictable but a touching and heartwarming film :)