One False Move

One False Move

Following a series of drug deals and murders, three criminals -- Fantasia, Ray Malcolm and Pluto -- travel from Los Angeles to Houston, finally arriving in a small Arkansas town to go into hiding. Two detectives from the LAPD, who are already on the case, contact the town's sheriff, Dale Dixon, to alert him of the fugitives' presence in the area. Underestimating Dixon, the criminals have no idea what they are about to face.

The film tells the story of three LA drug dealers who, after committing a rather messy murder, hide out in a rural Arkansas town. With the assistance of two Los Angeles Police Department detectives, Star City, Arkansas Police Chief Dale "Hurricane" Dixon prepares to take on them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex r (jp) wrote: Boys of Abu Ghraib is one of those films that really could have been a good, memorable drama, but it ends up being a mediocre film due to the lack of a really good script and memorable performances. The film is your typical war drama, and tends to rely on your typical genre formula in order to create its story. While using the infamous prison of Abu Ghraib as a setting, the film follows a soldier who befriends an inmate during his tour of duty in Iraq. The idea is interesting, but the payoff is poor. Obviously, there is only a few ways to make a film with Abu Ghraib as a setting, and being to pull it off as it's quite a touchy subject after the scandal in 2004. Some ideas here are good, but for the most part it feels rushed, and the film's ideas never materialize into something really good. That's a shame because the film really could have been something good in terms of a drama and war film, but it ends up being a mediocre film that never satisfies. The abuse scandal raised plenty of debate and much criticism, and with good reason, here we get that aspect of the torture and humiliation, but it doesn't hammer the point across fully, and watching the film, I felt like they left a bit out. If the film would have been better developed, with much care with rewriting the story, I think that the film's effect would have resonated much more with the viewer, instead of having the torture scenes played out for mere shock value. Yes, it's shocking, disgusting among other things, but what fails here is the fact the sheer dehumanization process of which these soldiers go through in order to commit such atrocious acts against enemy combatants. More development in that area could have been much better because as it is, the film just rushes through that, and there never seems to be a conflict of interest that suggests that what these guys did was against the rules. If a few characters did that in the film and it did have a bit, but it was only briefly mentioned just for the sake of giving the film a ying/yang perspective, and it just doesn't pull through. Boys of Abu Ghraib could have been much better, but it's not awful, however it does leave a lot to be desired and considering its subject, it's a shame the filmmakers never managed to make something truly memorable or something to make you ask important questions.

Olivier B (nl) wrote: Le 3 toiles pour Florence Foresti et un 2.5 pour Jamel Debbouze.

Mark James A (au) wrote: ...just a mediocre and cheapening rip-off of The Exorcist.

Caesar M (de) wrote: A title like "Frankenhood" leaves little to possibility. Sure the end product will turn out bad, but at least the title suggests an outlandish concept can provide campy fun. Basically the film all it is "We reanimated a corpse. Let's go smoke some pot and shoot some hoops" with no shred or pulse of creativity. Frankenhood is about two guys who work at a morgue enlisting the services of a reanimated corpse to better their chances at a streetball tournament. Imagine a white guy whose only exposure to black people was through stereotypes in films and you have the film script in a nutshell. Filled with "black" and "gangsta" dialogue that fail at repersenting its brotha. This writer be wack if they b representing them homeboys like this would b fly. That last sentence is pretty much in the same line of dialogue it provides. My personal favorite line of bad dialogue even in context sounds bad is, "Yeah, your farts do smell kinda nutty". This line of dialogue is horrible for three reasons; 1.) a character can recognize the smell of his best friend farts, 2.) its discussed so naturally among the two friends, and 3.) farting is Frank-E first action when he's alive. Failing in providing crass "humor" ensuring every joke fails because it doesn't follow any rules of humor. Since there's no consequences of any sort in a comedic situation there's no punishment the characters receive. Therefore there's nothing funny about it if every situation is passed up as a mundane annoyance. Not even when two grown man take taller grown man Frank-E to the bathroom it does nothing with the setup. The protagonist sister hears what sounds like an attempt to make a sex joke and walks away without much of an reaction. Another example, once the antagonist discover Frank-E is a reanimated corpse he just goes on with his everyday life. Apparently according to this film resurrecting the dead is common thing in the neighborhood. As for a plot you're not going find much underneath all its fat. Subplots are easily resolve/forgotten and characters are underdeveloped. Like the protagonist love interest who appears in two scenes before the "I thought you were different" line comes up. Wasting time with bad jokes, Frank-E learning to dance, streetball montage, throwing popcorn chicken to divert Frank-E attention, peeping through a window, a mad scientist walking around the neighborhood, and are you kidding me I barely scratched the surface of how often it wasted time. Now the film is directored by someone named Blaxwell Smart. He does live up to his last name by making a comedy film that is entirely humorless. One example being Smart setting up scene where the protagonist (named Motown) attempting to "get it on" with a women by telling her he's an astronaut. The woman tells Motown she didn't know there was black astronaut. Instead of following up on "It's a funny story" Smart cuts away from that scene. This goes for the streetball (basically basketball with a maximum of three players) scenes feeling like a waste of time. You think having Frank-E play streetball would be funny, nope that is was what Smart wants you think. Every streetball game has little humor with the most "creative jokes" being Frank-E licking a basketball and a player getting arrested on the opposing team during a live game. Blaxwell knows how to kill comedy in his own movie, but since this is a comedy Smart is actually dumb for killing jokes. DeRay Davis and Jasper Redd are the unfunny actors that carry the film. DeRay Davis improv is so bad there's a scene in the film that splices six of his take of the same scene in a minute. His timing is off and his acting is bland going along with his stereotyped character. Jasper Redd has a bit more range compare to Davis, but is weighed down by the material. Whenever Redd has to deliver a "joke" he has to hold for a minute no matter how dead it is. Bob Sapp has little dialogue relying allot more on his appearances. His performance is one of the more competent only requiring to do silly faces. Charles Murphy is the best actor in the film which is not saying much. He plays his role straightforward provides some semblance of energy. Music tends to be inappropriate for the tone it sets in scenes. In the opening scene it opens in a morgue and some bodies while playing cheery music. Also, for nearly an all rap score it has a heavy metal track that sticks out badly. Frankenhood is likely the product of filmmakers who also probably believe resurrecting the dead is a common thing "in tha hood" as Blaxwell Smart would put it. Its characters are stereotyped, story with no understanding of humor, and actors that while not annoying are lazy in providing much from the dead material. Much like Frank-E, the comedy is dead aimlessly wasting time.

Heather M (au) wrote: This was not one of the typical Hindi movies that I enjoy, but the story was laid out in an interesting way. I had to stay until the end to find out how everything worked out for these characters.

Sophie C (kr) wrote: Lger. S'coute bien mais sans plus.

Jamie I (au) wrote: After Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore Adam Sandler made a lot of crappy movies. This is not one of those. Click was not the movie I expected it to be and for that I am grateful. It was laugh out loud funny. But this movie still pulled on my heart strings. I highly recommend this move.

russian language (de) wrote: This is an awesome movie everone should see this!

Bo B (de) wrote: I don't know if this is the worst film I ever sat through ('Blood Freak' and 'Boarding House' are looking pretty good now compared to this however) but it's certainly in the top three (or 'bottom three' would be more accurate). Flickster requires a minimum half star before I can post the review but that is an undeserved lie for this 1970's train wreck. You know you are in trouble when everyone in the film (with the exception of 'the amnesia addled 'killer' and his stern, suspicious acting Dad who keeps making trips to the padlocked 'smokehouse') is already dead 15 minutes into the movie; and then there is 20 minutes of lounge act live 'music' performance while waiting for new characters to be introduced / killed. It's not easy to articulate just how bad this film is, without whetting your masochistic desire to see a 'fun, campy BAD' movie. Trust me, its just bad. Hideous acting, bizarre camera work, indefensible story line, torturous soundtrack and did I mention the DVD appears to be a direct transfer from an OLD, WORN OUT VHS copy? I'm sure it was a labor of love for the reoccurring 3 or 4 names in the credits, but to the rest of the world, it is just jaw droppingly awful. Please do yourself a favor if you come across this steaming turd and keep going. On an unrelated matter, I have a 'like new' DVD of the movie for sale, CHEAP....

Jay B (it) wrote: Better than manson family, but still sucky for how diabolical this story is

David D (nl) wrote: A decent action film from Indonesia. The story is not in any way original and contains no surprises but it is a workmanlike piece of film-making. Aside from Mickey Rourke and Kellan Lutz the cast is almost entirely unfamiliar, but the acting is of as good a quality as one is likely to see in an action movie. Ario Bayu gives a particularly fine performance as the competent cop in charge of investigating a suicide bombing. The production values are good and the movie does a fine job of using its setting and atmosphere.

Aimee R (es) wrote: Not sure about this one.