One Foot in Hell

One Foot in Hell

Mitch Barrett becomes embittered because his wife is allowed to die when he can't pay for the medicine she needs. The remorseful townspeople hire Mitch to be a deputy sheriff, thereby enabling him to plot an elaborate bank robbery with the help of an artist, a pickpocket, a gunslinger and a bar-girl.

In this Western, Alan Ladd exacts revenge on a small town the best way he knows how -- by becoming sheriff. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (br) wrote: Leaving those specious political metaphors aside, the film itself is a complete bullshit.

Jane D (it) wrote: Shirley Knight is outstanding! what chutzpah!

Brandon S (de) wrote: As a Christian who seeks to live devoted to the gospel, and a filmmaker devoted to communication and art, this is exactly everything that I hate about the ever-growing "Christian film industry". Weak filmmaking, pandering and simple writing, and a level of propaganda that is infuriating even to me.

bill s (fr) wrote: If you look at it as a direct to video thriller it has alittle merit.

Eddie G (es) wrote: a sequel of Fubar a story about two best buddy's, headbanger's from canada, This ttime Dean is losin hes last nuts, ,,, and terry get married ...

(jp) wrote: It's just the average Disney Channel movie. It's good enough, but it's more of a TV special than a movie.

Kshitij H (br) wrote: A cult classic. Great acting. Great camera work. Good music too, considering an off beat movie.

Ali S (de) wrote: What a wonderful little adventure in storytelling. When you start watching this film and become aware of it's premise, you think, "How could you draw that out for longer than 10 minutes?" But the filmmaker does and in a way that sucks you in. It's fun to learn the real lives of those who play superheros. There are moments of devestation, celebration, despair, hope. Superbly well done and visually pleasant.

Richard A (mx) wrote: what is this I don't even

Gregory M (es) wrote: Dr. Jekyll plays video games, shoots lasers into his eyes, then turns into Wes Borland. Riiiiiight.

Eric J (it) wrote: A good cast and a strange, off-kilter story. Similar to "The Wedding Banquet"

John B (mx) wrote: Critically panned and perhaps not the best of modern Chinese cinema, this is nonetheless pretty entertaining.

Tommy S (ca) wrote: A short lynch work, which would become a key element of the brilliant 'Inland Empire'. While not wholly penetrable in terms of plot, it's definitely a really interesting and eerie piece of work. It takes place in the home of three anthropomorphic rabbits who communicate through a cryptic, non-linear conversation. Typical enough of Lynch, what the movie is about remains open to personal interpretation. It's a difficult movie, but enjoyable enough if you are a fan of Lynch.

Scott R (ca) wrote: Watched this in my first Foreign Policy class.I did enjoy this for its unveiling of the media to show how distraction can lead the public away from the important issues. Of course it is a satire, but there are many important real issues here. What is of more import than national security? This film says nothing, as long as it maintains a balance. Additionally, there is some good acting and catchy music. However, it felt like a lifetime film. For that reason it gets a slightly lower rating.

Bill R (nl) wrote: Extraordinary, claustrophobic two actor drama. Both performance burn. Contains one of my favorite lines ever: "I hate men. They're so fleshy." from Suzy Amis' character.

Russell H (ca) wrote: Great set up. Characters were amazing. Badass yet again.

Ken S (ru) wrote: Imagine Night at the Opera meets Airplane meets Day and Night. This movie is literally one gag after another, loosely strung together by a plot. And for no reason at all, Frankenstein turns up near the end.

Haroldo M (es) wrote: Masterful documentary of Leni Riefenstahl. Innovative scene taken from a lift. The troops meandering through arcades; ss band marching down the stairs. A masterpiece of propaganda. Awarded in France before the war. The film is so powerful that was banned for decades in various European countries. Mediocre minds today criticize this brilliant historical film,

Alain L (jp) wrote: Plush is a really great movie that unfortunately didn't have a lot of success. The story is well written, it's well directed and all the actors are great. It's not just a movie about a rockstar, it's a real thriller. To everybody who wants to watch a story with a great plot twist and some really well directed scenes, Plush is a must watch. 5/5 because it's a surprising movie with an amazing screenplay!

Carol M (fr) wrote: Shocking expose of human trafficking involving alleged international peacekeeping forces in Bosnia - scant retribution having one believe that nothing much has changed since then :-( Excellent performance by Rachel Weisz et al.