One Good Cop

One Good Cop

When his loyal longtime partner, a widower, is killed in the line of duty and leaves behind three young children, Artie Lewis (Michael Keaton), a dedicated New York City cop and his wife, Rita (Rene Russo), decide to take the kids in. But the lives of his new family members are quickly on the line as Artie investigates his partner's death. Can he find the killer -- and keep the girls safe?

One good cop has to fight the bad guys and take care of his partner's three little girls after he is killed in the line of fire. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick G (ru) wrote: A returning soldier finds his reception in the USA more disturbing that returning to the war in Iraq with his fellow combatants, whom he trusts and loves. Subtle and effective.

Javier E (mx) wrote: 3 clases sociales convergen a raiz de un accidente para mostrar sus similitudes morales y necesidad de afecto. Bien hecha, pero fria en su planteamiento, el problema principal esta tratado muy superficialmente y tiende a caer en el melodrama mas que en el drama social que pretende plantear. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Jerry D (au) wrote: Why no reviews ? Personally I found it to be an Elf clone, you might want to fast forward the entire middle of the movie. It's highly predictable but there are a few moments when you start to like the characters.

Maridia B (it) wrote: One of the rare sequels my Mom might buy...and one hundred times better than Cinderella II. At least the plot from Anastasia's story half carried over into this movie, as it was the only thing worth carrying over.

Ethan L (it) wrote: Clearly not even half as good as its predecessors. Sick and twisted, but not good enough.

Keith E (ru) wrote: Sardonic, silly, stupid, and stupendous. I love this film and the band. Only knowing Aki Kaurismaki from his bleaker films, this is a true revelation. Can't wait to watch the next one.

Andr D (gb) wrote: Un estoico Franco nero, un desquiciado Tomas Milian y un ultramalvado Jack Palance en otro inmortal Spaghetti Western del director Sergio Corbucci ("Django"). La musica (jamas podra quitarsela de la cabeza), la mano de madera de Jack Palance, las imaginativas torturas, el guerrillero lleno de balas hasta los dientes, que mas se le puede pedir a un western?

danny d (au) wrote: bogey and greenstreet work well together once again in this excellent tale of intrigue. the twists are great and the story is told well in what is an underrated classic helmed by the great john huston.