One Good Turn

One Good Turn

Down and out Stan and Ollie beg for food from a friendly old lady who provides them with sandwiches. While eating, they overhear the lady's landlord tell her he's going to throw her out because she can't pay her mortgage. They don't realize that the old lady is really rehearsing for a play. Stan and Ollie decide to help the old lady by selling their car. During the auction a drunk puts a wallet in Stan's pocket. Ollie accuses Stan of robbing the old lady, but when the truth is revealed Stan takes revenge on Ollie.

Stan and Ollie are down on their luck and beg at an old lady's house for food. While they are eating they overhear a villainous landlord (Finlayson) threatening to evict her if she does not... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ross K (br) wrote: Absolute Rubbish, bad cast, bad director, bad budget. Decent idea thats pulled off badly, really badly. Paddy Breathnach needs to find another job , directing horrors are not his strong suit

Joel L (jp) wrote: Five boring people go camping, followed by an exhausting tribute to David Lynch.

Petros K (it) wrote: Better Bukowski than Mickey Rourke, Dillon gives the performance of his life...

Natalie W (us) wrote: The directing was a bit poor. It would be good for a T.V. movie on a Saturday.

Steven M (es) wrote: Easily one of my favorite action Comedy Trilogies

Tit M (gb) wrote: un des pires woody allenc est du 5eme degre c est burlesque mais c vraiment rate

Cody M (it) wrote: This was a strange film to watch, but some gags worked.

Adam D (es) wrote: Pretty bad, even for a Canadian production

Corey W (ag) wrote: Kurt Russel steals the show. A funny mindless comedy.

Godfrey C (kr) wrote: Interesting, but hard to follow if you didn't understand what the movie was about and still I don't understand some things.

KarenJean G (mx) wrote: I love this movie! Classic fantasy!

intuciic (kr) wrote: quite good action movie!

STCENTERPRISE (mx) wrote: This was a very good movie. Although I was very surprised at the begging when Robin Williams charter asked the class to rip out some of the pages of the book to the index when I first saw this film. On my second time I saw this film it began to make sense. Also the ending was a very big surprise for me. But it was a very well made movie & thought you some English reading too I think or a different way to express yourself.Strict parents who don't allow you to do what you want but rather tell you how you should run your carrier path rather than let yourself go your own path.Strict guideless verses openness and allowing you to go your own way. Seize the Day. Do what you can to make the most of life rather than doing less than your potential. Think for yourself rather than having yourself have your life determined & judged by others standards. Read and write passed on passion and human feeling what we stand for. What will your verse be.What stands out to be is that there are clear scenes Not artist but free thinkers.Not a syndic, realistBut only in dreams are men free. Alfred Lloyd Tennyson.Dead Poets Society. Most likely to do anything. Looking at old annual of teacher of the Dead Poets Society. Seek for Sucking the marrow Make poetry make own poetry and spoke from own lips. Teacher O' Captain my Captain. Mr. KeatingGuys join to make own Dead Poets Society at night in to have better technic to get girls.What gets me about this film is that there are scenes in this film is that there are scenes in this film where you are drawn back in by how the story or dialog is told it draws you in when there is nothing really interesting to look at but you are drawn to the dialog and the reactions of everyone's face. Check to see from another perspective. Constantly look at things in a different way. Even if it looks silly or wrong Strive to look for your own voice.Nothing is impossible.If you don't say anything not disobeying parents.Work off opposites on roommates. One Neil who wants to do more and wants to get outside of the box where as the other Todd Anderson likes staying confined to standards of the rules. Underestimates his own abilities. One roommate helps the other recognize his own self. Stirred upI liked the steady came scenes where you chase the boys in a confined space to get the notes and homework. Or using it to look up and spin around on a stair case. One may say a sport is better than anotherRise above your name. Rise above your own potential.Plays music while read poetry to get feeling. Speak as you would fill a soul rather than just reading with no feeling.Read with emotion and feeling.Where not laughing at you but wDon't let your poems be ordinary.He treats every student differently. He tries to open them out of there comfort zone to become better than they are. I like how they spin around Robin Williams and student as we see the student brake out and is able to express himself. Found his own voice when he thought he had nothing.I like the use of classical music in this film.Scene where students start smoking there pipes in cave.Got to do more. Got to be more.Music as a form of expression similar to poetrySonorous. This film does not dumb you out as an audience as far as the literature or vocabulary.Make it known beliefs are unique rather than following the crowd. Even if others may find what you do strange.Tradition and discipline verses thinking for yourself.Daring from caution. Getting expelled is stupid because you will miss some golden opportunities.This film hits on some strong serious points. Family found it deceiving. To do acting. The Fathers role is so well done. Planned out my life never asked what son wants. Your acting for your father. Father no longer wants him to play in Henway Hall play.The one you least suspect gets killed. Because he finds no way out. Parents forced his son into a box with no way to escape to make his own way.He lies in order to may himself feel comfortable rather than Love over follow heart over follow rules.You feel something strong by this film. This film does a good job of using silence and just letting the sound effects and actors lines run the scene. Father sees his sons acting as not a serious carrier move. And not up to his expectations. The reactions in this film are believable and real reactions.This film is filled with powerful & emotional moments. Insist on not defying parents will.He was good and his father denied him his success.Neil commits suicide and you feel an emptiness because and loss since we were so invested in him. He was the glue to the film that kept the characters together. Snow cold yet so beautiful. I found it strong when we real that Neil Perry had written in his poetry book this quote. "I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life!" H.D.T. It was so potent and powerful.All the acting is very well done.Extensive InquiryThey framed Mr. Keating so that they could get out of it."You can't save Keating but you can save yourself."My Captain my CaptainBroke the rule to follow own way.

Luciano S (fr) wrote: Been a good 8000 years since I last saw this doozie.

Juanita P (ca) wrote: Plot was kind of confusing, and I found the acting to be quite poor.

Eduardo M (gb) wrote: Pior filme do ano. Imbatvel.