One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping

The businessman Erik Svensson sells his company and plans a life in luxury with his beautiful girlfriend in Spain. Just before departure he receives a letter from a former mistress claiming...

The businessman Erik Svensson sells his company and plans a life in luxury with his beautiful girlfriend in Spain. Just before departure he receives a letter from a former mistress claiming... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken S (ru) wrote: Ben Affleck's latest film from the Director's chair is, for the most part, a solid gangster film. The problem is that it is a bit bloated and definitely too long. I can easily see where the fat that needed trimmed was...the dead girlfriend turning out to be alive was such a predictable and boring twist, and the end result of that reveal is so boring and unsatisfying, that it just made me wonder why she just couldn't stay dead (even though I knew she was alive the whole time since it was such an obvious faked off screen death). And then it just kept having endings...the big blowout...then the reunion with the wife, then the dead girlfriend scene, and then we get a tiny epilogue and then he is shot at again, and just become a chore to finish the film, and I was enjoying it well enough before then. Brought the whole experience down for me.

Darwin K (ru) wrote: 2nd half is better than the 1st.

Amber M (it) wrote: YESYESYES. I want to see this more then anything!

Michael Tony V (fr) wrote: Annoying, lazy and stupid story and just a huge music video. Burlesque will just make you cringe even it's songs can't rescue the 2 hours of glitter and women. This movie plagiaries every other Musical cause calling this movie cliche is too fucking nice.

Sylvester K (mx) wrote: Made of Honor is a rip off of My Best Friend's Wedding, not funny nor memorable.

Adam F (ca) wrote: Even if you keep your expectations low, "Mutant Chronicles" is a disappointment. Even if you can handle the often sub-par special effects (which, considering the presumably low budget you sort of have to forgive) the constant, continuous use of green screen and computer generated effects for even the most simple of things, including bullet wounds, blood and explosions, all of which are very easy to do using practical effects, will constantly pull you out of the movie. The performances and characters are bland and the film uses the word "mutant" pretty liberally here. There are some very bad continuity errors towards the end and the film tries to do so many things at once that in the end it's hard to care if anyone lives or dies. The film's plot also feels recycled from countless others, which you might not recognize if you haven't seen a lot of films but if you are drawn to this one because you like this type of story, of man fighting off an invader that is turning friends against friends with our only hope resting in a crack team of special ops you'll be bored. If you ever wanted to see Ron Pearlman playing a monk fighting mutants with a team of misfit killers in a steampunk inspired world you could try "Mutant Chronicles" but most people will find it tedious and be turned off by the negative aspects of the film. (Dvd, December 10, 2012)

Kevin N (mx) wrote: A story about courage, strength, and growth. The camera is both a friend and an enemy to us here, supplying detail that can be overwhelmingly hypnotic and cringingly brutal.

melody m (nl) wrote: Not the best/worst as far as B Movies of the era go....still, a few golden moments.

Jonathan M (it) wrote: Based on a Heinlein novel, from a time when going to the moon was bizarre and impossible and for some reason would involve a lot of ropes. Piloted by captains of industry who are convinced to go by a woody woodpecker propaganda film! Nothing about this is very good, it is just a kind of historical curio.

Joel A (au) wrote: A savage relentless even disgusting film about a NYC professor going through the Amazon to find the lost footage shot by a young group of documentarians who where eaten by Cannibals.This is the most Shocking & Gruesome film I have ever seen, it's truly shocking the director truly went too far. 6 animals where killed onscreen live to give you an idea of how savage the film is.When you actually see the footage it's nearly impossible to watch. More interesting is the release of the film in Italy the courts where going to charge the director for murder unless the actors appeared. I can not think of another reason to watch this it's horrible .

Noname (ca) wrote: Guy Ritchie the man behind successful movies like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch are back with a quite similar flick. I liked those movies because they were a bit odd compare to other movies in a good way. Rocknrolla have the same feeling and the story takes place in London with underground gangsters and crime lords. The usual stuff in this type of movies and with alot of cool different characters. There is often pretty much to keep track in Ritchie's movies so you don't miss the story. Anyway if you are fan of his other flick you will enjoy this one aswell. It wasn't quite as good in my opinion but good enough.

Simon D (es) wrote: One of the more entertaining Ben Stiller comedies for quite a while. The decent, contrasting cast made a good combination.