One Last Flight


A beautiful story for the whole family. But when Grandpa is sent to a nursing home, Ray pilotee ensures that the last time a real plane. Ray and his grandfather love airplanes and fly their model airplanes together in the park

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Users reviews


ighly entertaining with great cast and out of the world script !. It's just fooling around. It's not Oscar winning film because the filmmakers did't want that in a first place. One of the best comedies ever made

Alessandro B (gb)

. . Great idea though, that still makes the whole thing interesting. but it's not. . . Halfway between a horror b-movie and a poor and boring dramedy, both taken too seriously, this could have been a great and funny flick

Brenda W (de)

I played these games a hundred years ago, took me back a bit. Reading a lot of bad reviews, I enjoyed it, fun movie

Christopher B (au)

Really enjoyed this, great adaptation of a beloved story

Darryl K (gb)

Even if you aren't into dance, or the urban scene, this is a film you should see. What's even more moving is to hear the stories of the children forced to live in the "ghettos," trying to make a positive statement with this dance, to Rize above it. The focus of Rize is the dance from the streets - "Clowning" and "Krumping" - a mesmerizing mix of modern dance and tribal gyrations, that many youths now chose to chanel their angst instead of picking up a gun and joining a gang. A look at the dance that is saving many kids in the inner city of LA from becoming gang members is a moving story of the people forced to live in these circumstance

David A (us)

Love the Step Up serie an this one bringing lots of the old dancers together is amazing!!

David B (it)

overstuffed and predictable especially the gordon gekko who made the first a classic

David G (es)

Not even Christopher Walken can save the day. It's incoherent, poorly written, poorly casted, poorly acted, and poorly directed. It's failed art. "This film isn't artsy. artsy. . . it's. . . "How do you like my latest painting?""Well. I have seen a few reviewers call it "artsy", which seems to be a word a friend of a terrible painter developed in order to describe his friends latest painting without insulting him and ruining the friendship. The film had no identity, no soul, no heart. I can't say, for example: "this movie is a cheap, watered down Cohen brothers film". I can't even say what director this guy was trying to be like. The plot line, if you can say there was one, was confused and at the very best boring. The acting all around is reminiscent of a high school play, if the high school was talentless. We're introduced to a woman who looks like a supermodel and we're supposed to believe she's an abusive, neglectful, drug addicted mother simply because she wears a robe and smokes a cigarette. The casting is downright terrible. This is one of the worst "films" I've ever seen. Don't waste your dollar at Redbox

Dean K (ag)

A decent TV movie but not as good as Bram Stokers Dracula

Don S (de)

Poorly executed story. Didn't care about any of the characters - none of them touched my heart. The daughter basically must reverse roles and parent her parent. Just a typical movie about an alcoholic mother who is so wrapped up in herself she doesn't see the destruction she has caused in her daughter's life. This drama was painfully slow