One Life

One Life

One Life captures unprecedented and beautiful sequences of animal behaviour guaranteed to bring you closer to nature than ever before, as well as a second disc packed full of never before seen extras including an exclusive making of featurette narrated by Daniel Craig.

One Life is a British nature documentary film directed by Michael Gunton and Martha Holmes, focusing on the cyclical journey taken by all living creatures, from birth to having youngsters of their own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sudakshina B (it) wrote: This film is simply mind-numbingly dumb! There's no story, no plot, no acting and no eroticism to speak of frankly. Sunny Leone is a pro at being porn star,no doubt. But she clearly struggles with the dialogues which have been dubbed over, so what's the point of using her in the film? The music is awful and the timing of the songs couldn't be placed more nonsensically! For someone as mouthy and staccato-tongued as Pooja Bhatt, this film fails to reflect any of her vociferous claims about it, plus it's not even a sequel- which is to carry on where the first film left off. Arunoday and Randeep Hooda look dishy though-that's the only plus point I can concede to. Otherwise, the film sucks big time!

Cham O (mx) wrote: Fast paced high intense caper/ heist non-stop action movie. It's about a gang looking for a big money and being set up by one of them. Not the best of background music. If there is a decent music then this would have been even better thriller.

Nate T (jp) wrote: Solid family holiday entertainment. Certainly the most a-typical work from John Grisham.

FantasyKitties (au) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE SOOOOOOOO MUCH

Jim M (it) wrote: I liked it. filmed in beautiful British Columbia, I thought it was well done, made you think a bit, no "cliched" roles, conflict was very believable, and the ending was unexpected. Not riveting film but worked for a pleasant late evening that was too hot and humid to be out in. It held my interest.

Chad B (br) wrote: It certainly isn't Parker's best work and not every joke is a winner, but it's still a solid and very enjoyable early effort.

Eric J (au) wrote: Nice but as a lover of early gangsters I have to be upset that Hoffman in his 50's is portraying a man who died at 32

Karmin C (us) wrote: The third worst movie ever made.

Henrik K (ag) wrote: Shouldnt have been made. No combos can save this story.

Jason S (ag) wrote: kindof sorry hulk hulk movie but was still fun to watch

Kevin R (it) wrote: She'll see you when she wants to see you.Mary is the Queen of Scotland who is sick of her family and associates pushing her in a direction that will lead to war and/or poverty for her people. Her half brother stabs her in the back leading to her arrest by Queen Elizabeth where she is held hostage/prisoner. She tries several attempts to change her situation, but her attempts are stymied. Will she give in to the desires of her associates or will she stand firm by her beliefs?"War? Is that all you men know?"John Ford, director of Grapes of Wrath, Stagecoach, The Man who Shot Liberty Valance, The Searchers, Rio Grande, My Darling Clementine, and Young Mr. Lincoln, delivers Mary of Scotland. The storyline for this picture is interesting with some great characters but not overly compelling or dynamic. The acting is pretty good and the cast includes Katherine Hepburn, John Carradine, Donald Crisp, Ralph Forbes, Fredrick March, and Alan Mowbray. "I know where you stand. I know where I stand."This was recently on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and grabbed my attention since it starred Katherine Hepburn, who is always awesome. This is interesting and a must see for fans of the classics, but it is mostly dialogue and very straightforward and predictable. This wasn't as dramatic as it probably could have been. I only recommend seeing this if you're a fan of classic films."You were always afraid of me. You're afraid of me still."Grade: C+

Teemu P (au) wrote: Yet another "I, Robot". Nice-looking special effects etc but the plot was way too predictable. Watchable though.

Tyler A (it) wrote: I recommend this to kids 7+

Simon L (fr) wrote: I've never seen the tv series but I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was very entertaining, kept me engaged and while it's not a movie I would rush out to buy and watch again it was a fun couple of hours.