One Man Army

One Man Army

Kickboxing champ Jerry Trimble plays a straight shooting man caught up in the politics of a crooked little town. To get to the truth about his grandfather's death, he must first kick out the criminals --including the sheriff-- effectively putting an end to their illegal smuggling, gambling and prostitution rings. But the worst crime of all turns out to be in his very own backyard.

Kickboxing champ Jerry Trimble plays a straight shooting man caught up in the politics of a crooked little town. To get to the truth about his grandfather's death, he must first kick out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George S (es) wrote: As a present for my birthday it was great.

Zoie E (us) wrote: sick twisted tongue in butt cheek fun. as a fan of the manga I was pleased with the adaptation.

Heather M (jp) wrote: This was a bit slow, but Firth and Blunt make it worth a watch.

familiar s (gb) wrote: Rohan Sippy's earlier ventures had impressed me one way or another. Both had style and/or substance. So I was looking forward to this one (wasn't overtly desperate though). Unfortunately this one lacks both, style and substance. It'd have been okay had it entertained enough at the cost of logic.

Dean K (kr) wrote: I feared the worst when I heard of this and saw a trailer. It looked like a really low budget, poorly acted horror film with an odd plot. Actually after watching it, I did enjoy it. It has some long sequence shots, the paintball attack near the start is pretty good, making you feel in the middle of the action. Some the actors are a bit poor, but overall this was quite an entertaining watch. It has some ideas similar to other films, and takes a last man standing take on the horror film. Made in and backed by Spanish producers and largely Spanish actors with a few English faces to boot. Considering the low budget it's a decent enough film. If you were having seconds thoughts check it out!

Kristopher D (kr) wrote: I really love these movies so they need to make more movies like this

Kristoffer H (ca) wrote: Greit tidsfordriv, smarti, men itje all verdn!

(mx) wrote: Must see the movie (2009 - 2010)

Jeff H (mx) wrote: Worth every cent of a dollar rental. If you're wanting to take this movie seriously to begin with, something's wrong with you. Enjoy how awful this is! The ending does not disappoint.

Gary E (es) wrote: Cheap tacky trashy so bad it's good

Daniel S (ru) wrote: it was funny in moments, but in general it was just bad. poorly shot and edited and the acting wasn't much better. overall, i definitely could have gone without seeing this.

MariePier D (it) wrote: That wasn't so good... I am so disappointed. It just goes into too much ridiculousness.Ce n'tait pas si bon que a... Je suis tellement due. Ce film tait beaucoup trop dans le ridicule.

Forever I (us) wrote: my all-time fav movie ever

Sarthak M (us) wrote: one of the best movies from 90s

Andy M (us) wrote: Bloop boop DERP zerp de Ba dope

Jennifer B (br) wrote: I loved this movie as a child :)

David A (it) wrote: A fairy tale featuring a lesbian glory hole and a lesbian midget soliciting a prostitute? I don't see how I could rate this any less than three stars on principle.

IJ T (ag) wrote: liza minelli make me have panic attacks

Mark S (nl) wrote: Like Mata Hari before it, this Greta Garbo film doesn't bear much resemblance to the reality of the story it's telling, but it's reasonably entertaining and a suitable vehicle for Garbo's great star presence. It's the film's curious sexual confusion and iconic final shot of Queen Christina that are largely responsible for its reputation.

Jenna I (de) wrote: Maybe you had to see it when it came out. I enjoyed this, it was an interesting twist on gothic horror, but I felt like it dropped the ball on the psychological / grief aspect to chase a story that was less interesting. I also disagreed with the movie's decision to punish who they punish in the end, I thought he was actually also a victim in a lot of ways of the true evil doer......