One Man Band

One Man Band

With one coin to make a wish at the piazza fountain, a peasant girl encounters two competing street performers who'd prefer the coin find its way into their tip jars. The little girl, Tippy, is caught in the middle as a musical duel ensues between the one-man-bands.

Two buskers engage in a petty feud over a child's donation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henri N (es) wrote: better than The Interview and Van Damme's Double Team

Gary C (mx) wrote: I waited to long to watch this movie but it was great it's a Spanish movie so you have to be willing to sit through subtitles but if you can you will enjoy this movie. MY NOTES: I like the way this movie started and the direction it went I only had one problem with the ending (I wanted more) this Spanish movie pushed the boundaries of horror with a good pace and very good acting I was really surprised and glad I gave this movie a chance

Lauren S (kr) wrote: A beautiful and compelling film.

Paul K (de) wrote: Harrison Ford does a decent job as the all round good guy busy trapping illegals in LA. I like these multi- plotted stories, and after seeing '360' the other night it was interesting to see a US version in contrast to the Euro one. Very Hollywood and kind of contrived, it was nonetheless interesting, especially in comparing the fate of the English Jewish boy trying for his Green card and succeeding despite himself, in contrast to umpteen Mexican illegals getting thrown out faster than a blink. Not as bad as the reviews make it out to be, but pretty anodyne.

Miguel R (br) wrote: Staying faithful to the book, Holes is not as profound as it should be, but it's nevertheless a well made family movie

Mainak D (ag) wrote: What a sexy score. What a sexy movie.

Lance E (br) wrote: so lemme get this straight. . . .you've got a robot bed that takes care of old folks that suddenly goes on a rampage assimilating everything it comes in contact with until it becomes this. . .great. . . . .thing??SIGN ME UP!!Exactly the kind of anime I love.

Teen W (fr) wrote: Literally the best movie i have ever seen.

Tom H (es) wrote: good murder mystery film with a cunning Charles Bronson playing a convict on a train that continues to loose passengers in a deadly way.

Robert P (us) wrote: Properly scary horror from Hammer. Interesting battle between rationalism and paranormal paranoia. Indeed, interesting that Freud is explicitly named and his methods used by the good doctor as he attempts to unearth the mysterious past of a disturbed young girl

Thiago C (au) wrote: When Marvel started to show the world how to make a silly yet entertaining superhero movie

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Even though it's not as good as the first i'm still giving it the same star rating, After reading some poor reviews I didn't expect it to be as good and it was, I still really enjoyed it, It's funny, Gory and full of action just what every growing boy needs, With a very star studded cast they all are under used but do well in their screen time although it's nothing really new from the first Machete, Turn your brain off, Ignore plot holes and smile at a film made for entertaining and doesn't take itself serious for one bit and you will like it just as much.

Move M (ru) wrote: Awful movie in history.

Spike V (de) wrote: Quite and intriguing thriller that delivers in every way possible: Neat script, excellent performances, and a plot that keeps in pace while twisting around. Fans of those polished 90s movies should definitively check it out. Be careful though, this isn't a neo-noir film.