One Man's Treasure

One Man's Treasure

Elder Johnson (Darin Southam) is a hard working, by-the-book missionary who is near the end of his service but has yet to see any fruit from his labors. His companion, the laid-back elder Sarath (Charan Prabhakar), has had lots of baptisms, even though obedience isn't his strongest attribute. A chance discovery of an old journal leads the Elders (and the other missionaries in the area) on a treasure hunt. Relying on each others strengths, they strive to solve the clues, which lead them to an unexpected reward!

A group of missionaries re-open an area and find a journal with a clue that leads them on a treasure hunt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (kr) wrote: McConaughy is really the best reason to watch this movie, he is at his prime douchie-ness that is pretty hilarious. After that there isn't much else, the conflict seems forced and comes outta nowhere when it didn't really need the extra drama crow barred in.

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Jason E (kr) wrote: Romantic comedies, along with horror flicks, are the two film genres I have yet to see anything great from. This movie was well on its way to a great rating until it threw in stereotypical chick flick junk towards the end.

Nina U (jp) wrote: Big budget nonsense... some nice effects but not much more. Abishek needs to start reading the scripts before signing on...

KaLiegh K (jp) wrote: Entertaining bizarre musical that I quite enjoyed. Admittedly, I am a little biased being a glee fan and absolutely adoring Zooey deschanel, but still.

David Ray G (de) wrote: If this was a movie based on a Jane Austen novel, I'd get it. But the Louisa May Alcott Little Women way of living should have stayed in that era. I find it unforgivable that a book written in modern times is reminiscent of times 200 years ago - times during which women married for money and not love and they stayed with men they didn't care about or were treating them horribly. But of course, I cannot judge the movie based on the motivations of the writer of the book it was based on.So, movie-wise, for me, it really didn't capture the castle. Some characters were interesting, but by end, I didn't care for anyone because they had all become self-involved and spiteful. Mildly enjoyable and that's about it. I know that people love both the book and the movie, but neither appeal to me much.

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