One Mile Away

One Mile Away


Documentary about the quest for peace between rival gangs in Birmingham. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt P (it) wrote: A bleak and painfully awkward view of the world through the eyes of a blissfully ignorant hipster.

Christine R (au) wrote: i really like this movie .. it was funny .. i thinnk they did extend the ending ..that just made the movie a little boring ... beside that it was good ... i love the fact it had fresh idea for a comedy romance ...

Nicholas L (ca) wrote: It has some chilling moments and the soundtrack is pretty well crafted; unfortunately, "Uninhabited" is boring (for the most part) and features a male lead who cannot act, a muddy plot and a predictable and illogical ending.

Sandy K (kr) wrote: Even though it's a 2-DVD set that runs about 4 1/2 hours, this epic tale didn't feel long. (We watched it over 2 nights.) Set in the mid-19th century Portugal, it's the story of an orphan boy unraveling the truth about his parents. But it's actually mysteries wrapped in new mysteries, with a labyrinth of characters whose tales intertwine. The conclusion was a surprise, but once this last mystery was revealed, it made so much sense! The dialog is primarily in Portuguese, as well as some French. Although the English subtitles are well done, there are places where the fast pace of dialog makes it difficult to read them quickly enough.

felipe m (nl) wrote: Muito divertido, o longa mostra as confuses familiares do dia-a-dia.

Joey T (gb) wrote: Hoop Dreams doesn't treat its documentary material like a traditional documentary would. Though they're there, the interview sound bites aren't excessive, and the film doesn't bother overloading the audience with facts and statistics. Rather, Hoop Dreams presents its subject in the most real way possible, following these people and letting us see their struggle to get a strong sense of who they are. This leads to Hoop Dreams not only being one of the most absorbing documentaries ever produced, but also one of the most absorbing films period for its ability to make you care for the subject manner and people in a way that even most fictional films fail to do.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Bergman, again, brilliantly showcases humanity in this overlooked gem with engaging performances and psychologically effective character studies.

Thomas C (fr) wrote: While Tim Burton's candyland might be too kitsch for some, Edward Scissorhands manages to stay just under the pain limit in that perspective, and conveys a dramatic story with originality and great acting.