One More Chance

One More Chance

Popoy and Basha had been together forever. Their love story began when they first met as students at university. They had been inseparable and did everything together—eating, studying and attending parties. However, Popoy's incessant planning and nagging took a toll on their relationship leading Basha to break-up with him.

Longtime couple Basha (Bea Alonzo) and Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) are practically inseparable, so when they split up, it's not surprising how heartbroken each feels. But Basha, stifled by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hans H (fr) wrote: I never understood some of the backlash the film recieved. I found Chapter 2 to be a very effective sequel that expands the original's mythology while still providing its own share of scares, promising great things to come for this franchise.

Simon R (gb) wrote: Positives: a very good and awesome concert of Metallica the set on the stage was awesome the majority of the plot line was good and interesting when the main character set himself on fire and fought of the guys (which was badass even though he really should have died)Negatives: shitty ending confusing and stupid final battleOverall: only watch if you are massive Metallica fan and would recommend just watching the scenes with the songs as the side plot was poorly executed. Had potential but sadly messed up big time

Hrant B (fr) wrote: Typical, predictable unromantic comedy that had no funny parts to it. Melissa and Mandy are very pretty but the script and the acting were terrible. Don't bother with this movie.

brad g (us) wrote: In the category of best movie I've seen that no one else has ever heard of, this one is the best. Laugh out loud funny for me, most others would just shake their head.

Erica J (jp) wrote: This series really gives people in our age a taste of the hardships our ancestors experienced during our nations history. The locations used for shooting are breath taking and the cinematography is excellent. A must see for anyone who likes history.

Vince F (ca) wrote: A creepy (not in that fun way), unpleasant experience of movie watching that I've endured in awhile. The movie seems to want to be good hearted horror wink wink fun, but instead seems adrift with no budget, tacky, zero effort slop fest.I dug maybe one story, but thats not saying much. Who wrote this, a 5 year old? A sad day for horror fans...

Graham M (au) wrote: Utterly silly but I enjoyed it and liked the songs as well.

Shawn W (au) wrote: The police train everyday citizens to work along side them in the Citizens on Patrol program. This one still delivers some laughs but Captain Mauser is missed even if Proctor manages to pick up some of the slack. Law of diminishing returns is setting in as evidenced by the fact that writers could not come up with any material for Hooks.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: Not at all the classic of the first movie, but a bridge and creates some unique death scenes.

Matt M (us) wrote: One of the least accessible out of Godard's best known work, with the brilliant premise of a woman who prostitutes herself behind her husband's back so that she can buy nice things for herself. A satirical look at society, with the depiction of a woman who unceremoniously trades her dignity for consumerism. A bit demanding for people who are not accustomed to Godard's style.

Lexie T (ca) wrote: Wasn't as good as other adaptations - the ending wasn't what it ought to have been - however Sophia Myles was divine as Lucy and Marc Warren gave me the creeps from his first scene as the Count. I was also impressed by Tom Burke as the young Dr who is in love with Lucy but not destined to marry her - he will be an actor to watch out for in the future I think.

Greg D (it) wrote: amazing show to watch the wife and I would love to go to vegas and see them

Justin T (gb) wrote: This film gives strangers a bad rap, but strangers are cool. It has Rebecca De Mornay in it so you're sure to see some crazy stuff such as tossing Antonio Banderas' salad.