One Night

One Night

Fifteen New Yorkers go into a Friday night unaware of the fact that their lives are about to change.

Fifteen New Yorkers go into a Friday night unaware of the fact that their lives are about to change. Larry, an A&R executive, has been sublimating his deep fear of getting older by carrying... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher E (us) wrote: It had some moments.

Ken T (fr) wrote: One critic called it amusing weirdness...I agree. This is a definite "B" movie that should have ended up on the SyFy channel. That said, it went straight to video...The ladies were all hot and stuff, but sadly the movie lacked soul and originality. Cookie cutter turn out, but the action was decent and it was worth the one quick look otherwise, if you don't like the genre...Stay well away from this one.

Eric S (de) wrote: Interesting, amusing, and ultimately touching philosophical journey, from that truest perspective of childhood, finding the importance of love among the hypocrisies of life.

Kris F (ca) wrote: I loved this movie! Not only is it another historical story of a European country's struggle and survival, but a story of forgiveness and choice; "we are not here by coincidence". I highly recommend for those who enjoy a film of substance.

Ri A (ag) wrote: After watching this movie one thing has proved to me & to the other intelligent audience that director Nikhil Advani has no talent at all, & Kal ho na ho's direction remote control was in Karan Johar's hand, he was just the dummy director. This movie ha just one funny scene of Akshay Kumar's karate training which is on 3mins & 17secs long the rest is shit.

Ben T (it) wrote: Pretty interesting movie with great performances and a decent premise. It also has some good cinematography as well.

Vanessa S (br) wrote: Awesome soundtrack!!! Also, this movie made me very uncomfortable at times - which speaks a lot of the filmmakers because you can't be unaffected by this film.

Rick J (us) wrote: This movie is wonderful, and nostalgically sad, remembering a more civilized time...truth is, I hate movie critics anyway. Like I am doing here, allowing my personal feelings about a film rule my rating, film critics do the same thing, but most are paid to sit around watching movies every day while the rest of us live life and, when we can, go out and catch a good flick. Sometimes it's those moments in between, while we are living life, do we see reflections of reality in the fictions we perceive on the big screen (or DVD, or Netflix). How many horrible songs do we remember growing up with that shake the foundations of our day when we hear them now, and we would not trade them for the world, regardless of cheesy lyrics or a bad hook? I'm not saying that Empire Records is "bad but I love it". I think it's a great, fun movie. I am stating that the greatness of some things far transcends the collective critical consensus of a few people paid to sit around and tear things apart to quantify the bits. Damn the man! To bad, like all the great records stores of days past, we couldn't in the long run save the Empire!

Daryl R (us) wrote: An action/romantic saga taking place in the time of the Black Plague.

Alex K (kr) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Jim F (ag) wrote: Drives a train into a Saloon bar

Deric T (it) wrote: TV Sep 2010. Good film.

Jason H (es) wrote: Jean Harlow is quite good in the lead and I can certainly see why it was controversial as it might still be if made today. That said, it is still a fairly pedestrian film which doesnt really offer anything new and exciting. It's worth watching for Harlow's performance and it's footnote in pre-code film history but don't expect a real classic. Good film!

Lee B (us) wrote: Very different kind of movie...part western..part horror movie..but well done...good cast as well