One Night at McCool's

One Night at McCool's

Every man has a different recollection of the beautiful young woman who wreaked havoc on their lives during one heated night.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   robbery,   whipping,  

Every man has a different recollection of the beautiful young woman who wreaked havoc on their lives during one heated night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arun G (gb) wrote: 'Bizarre' is the perfect word to describe the film. The writer-director Alex van Warmerdam takes the Haneke route posing more and more questions as the film progresses, leading to a rather low-impact climax. However the multiple layers of interpretation the creative mind of the director manages to pull the viewer into, is by itself sufficiently satisfying.

sam k (ru) wrote: Quite possible the worst film I have ever seen.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: A true lesson in documentary-making that reveals as much about its fascinating character as about its director, who turns his initial effort into a work of revealing self-reflection and creates a timeless masterpiece about memory - both our individual and collective ones.

Jennifer M (jp) wrote: An oriental western. Wonderful! Kim Jeewoon doesn't disappoint.

Raymond W (kr) wrote: I just love gangsters jamaica movies

Waleed A (ca) wrote: very funny dry humor and situational humor. lots of good characters (about 6 viewings)

Vinnie F (es) wrote: Disappointing at Times, because it feels like Toy Story with Germs with a really nerve obnoxious Main Character and stupid, stupid live action characters. Though I liked both Drix and Thrax, those two are some of the Best characters I've ever seen in my Life/

Mimi T (es) wrote: Finally, I have a chance to watch this movie. Honestly I don't like this story. Can someone fall in love and have sex with a stranger after meeting him in five days just because he has a similar face to your died fiance? Well, although I don't agree with what the story tells, I still admire the performance of Leslie and Takako. Oh by the way, I like the theme music very much. It matches the movie so perfectly.

Anthony K (br) wrote: I was truly, and pleasantly, shocked that Clerks holds up. Like, holds up as an intelligent and watchable film today (2016). I've always been impressed with the technical details of how the film was made, being a total pioneer in independent film. But it's legitimately a success as a piece of modern entertainment, and that is probably the best compliment I can give it.

Russell G (ru) wrote: This movie attempts to bring back some sense of emotion to the Rambo series, but it is very slight. This is just another round of mindless go, go, go action. I suppose that there is nothing wrong with that so long as it is. The dialogue is weaker this time; it often verges on unintentionally funny. Rambo is out to save his mentor, who is a prisoner of war in the Afghanistan conflict. It seems strange that Col. Trautman cannot hold his own better than he does, considering he helped train Rambo. It takes a bit of time for the story to set in but when it does, the exaggerated action entertains, for the most part. The final battle of the movie pushes it too far and persists for too long, and it starts to get ridiculous. Stallone is giving the people what they want, and is now just playing a parody of his original character. The Rambo sequels are fine as disposable popcorn movies, but they feel like they are another series of their own. It is hard to believe how great the first movie is when you watch the goofy sequels. Regrettably, these sequels are now the lasting image of the series.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Not funny enough to be a comedy, and not scary enough to be a horror. While there have been decent blends of those genres, this movie is not one of them.

Marion R (ru) wrote: Boy was I disappointed, I thought this was going to be really cool, but it was basically like the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" except it isn't totally awesome.

Ottokar S (mx) wrote: great mainstream-movie; the cops are even worth then the gangsters.

Ethan P (kr) wrote: Not many films are as warm and authentic as Spectacular Now. It modest small town atmosphere is perfect. The characters are dressed plainly and the film takes place at mild parties, in a little suit shop and in cookie cutter suburban homes. Sutter is an average kid that drives an average car. And along with its humble beginnings, I really liked how intimate and down to earth it was. The characters are sincerely ordinary and the dialogue is sharp, but realistic. The conversations are natural, normal ones and the characters use words that regular people would. None of it feels rehearsed or artificial. When the characters interact, it feels genuine and this film's appeal its imminently likable characters. Sutter is a charming slacker who begins harmless and grows more dynamic by the end. He spends most of the story giggling and having fun, but then spirals out of control. He falls for Amy, the nerdy bookworm that has never partied before and gets her first taste of adventure. And besides the fact that the leads provide warmth to the story and have easy chemistry, they also develop each other. They learn things about themselves and unearth some ugly truths from their pasts. The story was sentimental and fun, but bittersweet at the end.One of the only things I can criticize is the alcoholism in the film. I can understand if Sutter has a few beers at parties, but not when he carries a flask with him everywhere he goes, is perpetually drinking and driving drunk. It is pretty trashy and ridiculous, and the fact that he involves Amy in it is even worse. They act like its normal for kids to slip hard liquor into their sodas at school and work or talk their way into bars and do shots with the bartender. It isn't. There are other things I really liked though. I liked that the story had some weight, that Sutter had a darker side and he realized his true challenge was overcoming himself. I liked that they both had to face their parents, that Amy came out stronger and Sutter was left damaged by it. I also think the leads had fantastic performances because the characters were so universal. I know so many kids like them and they were familiar, but unique.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: Based on true events, the movie starts off slow and boring. But it gradually becomes more suspenseful as the film progresses to the point where you feel the thrill of the escape. It is scary to think that secret religious cults, such as the Colonia Dignidad exist in the world.