One Night in Supermarket

One Night in Supermarket

A supermarket employees plots revenge against his bosses who refused to pay out a winning lottery ticket.

A supermarket employees plots revenge against his bosses who refused to pay out a winning lottery ticket. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ali K (es) wrote: London Dream Rocks......

Charlie G (au) wrote: This movie is rated low in most references. I thought it was intertaining but had a very predictable plot.

Chelsea L (au) wrote: it is da best film eva

Luc L (gb) wrote: One of the worst supernatural film.

Andrew S (us) wrote: Not bad at all. Not that funny either.

Joshua L (gb) wrote: A goofy and mindless movie that is just too funny to be given 1/2 a star. Sometimes is shown on the Sci-Fi channel.

Carlos Z (ca) wrote: Decent movie, held my attention.

Jasmine B (it) wrote: I love this movie!! I love the music in this movie!! Alice was about my age and the movie really spoke to me

Bonnie A (br) wrote: Very '60s in look, lots of faces you recognize, but what a statement about women standing up for themselves in a time when women had no voice!!

Ben G (nl) wrote: Not exactly unpleasant, even though some parts are truly bad, this film reminded me why I do not like Pwell and Pressburger's movies: they're girly and their humour is always a bit off.They manage to turn a nerve-breaking testorsterone-filled story into a farce. Some parts remain very pleasant, the image as well as the set are often gorgeous and it is interesting to see a country rarely depicted in movies, but all this falls well short of being a good film.Special mention to Lawrence Olivier ridiculous character which at some points is that close to turning the whole film into a frank comedy. Too bad, never mind I'll watch a Carol Reed instead.

Diane M (it) wrote: I thought my choosing to watch this movie the other night was an act of desperation for any form of entertainment, given the scathing reviews. Who knew - my husband and I loved it. The actors were spot on perfect, the writing and direction sound and subtle. I felt glad to have spent the evening with these characters and the story that was nimbly, gently, and insightfully told. It was a delight to see Barbra S. back in a mature (and that is not a euphemism for old) form of a "type" she has often played - the gregarious woman with a strong personality paired up with an emotionally withdrawn, brainy guy. This time was like the unplugged version - intimate, not broad, real not amplified, and all the richer for it. Seth Rogan is totally her match, and together they are peas in a pod who totally seem to get one another. A lot of fun.