One of the Hollywood Ten

One of the Hollywood Ten

Herbert Biberman struggles as a Hollywood writer and director blacklisted as one of The Hollywood Ten in the 1950s.

Herbert Biberman struggles as a Hollywood writer and director blacklisted as one of The Hollywood Ten in the 1950s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guy M (mx) wrote: he movie suggests to some, and makes clear to others, that it is a maddening Nightmare.So as the 1st Movie 'Phantasm' leaves to the viewer - is it reality, or just a bad dream -Phantasm V comes to fit that question perfectly.The Cuda looks better than ever. Reggie is Great, as always. Has some funny stuff that shouldn't make a normal person laugh, but it does....or maybe I'm not nurmal...hmm...And The Tall Man ? More detail is given about him, and he has more lines than all the other Phantasm movies put together.Unexpected ending. An appearance from one of Reggie's old allies appears toward the end. If Angus Scrimm had not died this year Coscarelli could continue the Epic, as the end seems to begin another phase of the War.Must See Movie for Phantasm Fans

Vijay G (ca) wrote: Thuppakki(2012)(U)Cast:Vijay,Kajal Agarwal,Vidyut Jamwal,Jayaram,Sathyan&OthersDirected By: A.R.MurugadossStoryline: Jagadesh(Vijay)a DIA Specialist from the Indian army is coming to Mumbai For his vacations. He joins with his friend Balaji(Sathyan),an SI in Mumbai Police. Jaga meets Nisha(Kajal) and refuses to marry her initially and mix up results in love blooming between them. A Blast involves 12 Sleeper Cells and Jagadesh uses his brainy moves to destroy all of them using is Battalion mates. The person who issues Orders to these sleeper cells(Vidyut) is not happy with his failure and turns up to find the hero. What happens when the good meets the evil? Does Jagadesh Succeed in his mission? Does his Lady Love understand him? All these need to be watched on the Big Screen.Strengths: Interval Scene, Vijay s Climax Fight and his Patriotic Feel when something bad might occur if he dies & Vijays Punch Lines.Weakness: The Duration might have been reduced to have a greater impact.Songs: All songs are place and picturised perfectly. Google Google with the Director And Cameraman s Cameo is a treat to watch.Overall: Thuppakki has fired all bullets which make it one of the best films of the year.Verdict: Diwali Treat for all Rating: 4.5/5 Vijay Ganesan

Bob P (de) wrote: Seriously? A movie about a killer tire with telepathic powers? I could come up with something better than this crap.

Jesse F (gb) wrote: I think this is one of the worst premises for a film I have ever seen. What a waste!

Andrey B (es) wrote: Really hard to watch but well crafted horror movie.

Vasco M (ru) wrote: Honestly not a bad movie. It's full of charisma and geek spectacle!

Tabatha T (ca) wrote: WEll it was ok in parts but I did not really like it

Rasheed T (de) wrote: Overall, the movie was a solid B. Jackie (Lee) is always serving up good stunts and daredevil acts like a true action movie star with a dash of humor while Chris (Carter) is being Mr. funny with an accurate personality from the East with some stunts to offer to make Rush Hour 2 a lovable franchise.

E L (ag) wrote: A one-idea plot, buoyed by two very agreeable leads.

Matthew C (ru) wrote: Halloween: Resurrection is about an online show that viewers get to watch people spend the night in the Myers house and it's all fun until Michael returns and begins killing all of them. Sounds terrible? Well yeah it is unless you want to see Busta Rhymes kick Michael Myers through a window while making karate noises. Definitely one of the worst horror movies ever made.

Michael S (ca) wrote: Heist films can be really smart and sexy ("The Thomas Crown Affair"), but "Entrapment" is neither. Connery and Zeta-Jones lack chemistry, and there are no heist sequences that wow you. Average film, through and through.

Ben R (es) wrote: One of the greatest movies to come out of the crapfest that was the late 90's. One of the most touching and heart warming stories that would make the biggest tough guy out there shed a tear. The story of one amazing little guy with the biggest heart and the smartest mouth ever. Required viewing for all ages. Blink and you might miss Jim Carey in this.

Carlos I (au) wrote: Cheap and cheesy family comedy. It's more depressing than anything, with how shallow and commercialized Christmas has become. What's sad is how accurate the mobs going for the turbo man dolls these days with black Friday the way it is. Arnie tries his best, but it comes off too corny.

Mark P (fr) wrote: Interesting to see how the flamingo was built and how Las Vegas casino's began

ralphieboy333 (ag) wrote: Thin plot but who needs it? Sam Davis proves he still has the stuff; much credit goes to Gregory Hines for helping make it happen as well.

Graham M (it) wrote: Marginally more interesting and less frustrating than the film it documents

Jon B (mx) wrote: That's it. I've seen some horrible, horrible films in my life, but this takes the cake, as the absolute worst.

Brian L (nl) wrote: Confusing until the very end.

Anders A (mx) wrote: Novel-to-movie, Burton prays on the beastly stereotypes, vultures of mankind. A fantasy adventure with not just family-regards, also twisted sickness and nevermindness towards the dirt of society. Depp acts like a psych-warded Michael Jackson, with no relations to anyone, going out of his comfort zone to find a heir, to settle his factorys future.

Becky S (br) wrote: Could've been a great movie. Excessive foul language made it unenjoyable. Disappointed.