One on Top of the Other

One on Top of the Other

An insurance scam lands a man on death row for murdering his wife. What everyone doesn't know is she really isn't dead.

An insurance scam lands a man on death row for murdering his wife. What everyone doesn't know is she really isn't dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (de) wrote: This being my first Abbas Kiarostami film, I was unsure what to expect, and completely unprepared for what I got. With his latest, Like Someone in Love, Kiarostami manages to fill an artful, carefully paced, intimate drama with a tensity and unease typically reserved for Hitchcockian thrillers. This is a non-traditional narrative full of style, strong performances, and intriguing themes. If you're willing to find your 'in', I highly recommend this film. ~ B+

Luke W (it) wrote: Not my choice, as I left it to my students to decide on a "Christmas film". Quite entertaining actually...bruv

Daniel M (it) wrote: Anyone who likes musical theatre! Watch this!

intuciic (de) wrote: quite unusual story plot, nice characters, not really scary.

Christy W (it) wrote: I understand the Director tried to create the intense and suspended atmosphere but it is still lack of the most important element of the film: logic and way in telling story. Comic-like arts are the greatest part of this film. Others are not so attractive.

Jere M (nl) wrote: I like stories of redemption and forgiveness and I really wanted to like this one especially for dealing with racial/ethnic prejudice, but the acting was pretty lousy, the script somewhat simplestic and all in all the movie just did not draw me into the story and develop a relationship with the characters. Was a good try, but not a movie that I would watch again.

Jonathan C (gb) wrote: Same old same old. Action, zombies, slow motion SFX sequences, and Mila Jovovich. This time with a Mad Max, end of the world theme.

kyo 9 (jp) wrote: I wonder of these people could be called extremist or radicals cult.. They blame God for everything that's wrong but lack of faith easily hunt them back.. The children are innocence creatures; you taught them something bad resulting them to believe it's the truth without consulting the Holy Scriptures and the wise peoples.. this event even take place nowadays and the history keeps repeating itself over and over again.. May we all find peace someday~

Arlene A (au) wrote: Loved this film. We need this program in Canada!

Geno C (ca) wrote: This isn't Earth's greatest movie but I found it entertaining. I mean - you know it was extremely far fetched (it's a movie). Some of the acting was bad. But it kept me interested. Yes, Asami Sugiura running around completely naked for a good portion of the movie didn't hurt - but I would have kept watching even if she had clothes on. I think she took a difficult role and made the best of it. Most of the movie is in English but a fairly decent portion is actually in Japanese. Somehow you're still able to figure out what was being said anyway. It was kind of simple like that. I suggest if you have nothing to do and the movie is available to you - watch it.

Lauren C (mx) wrote: Wasn't a typical horror movie. Parts were definitely cheesy but I liked it. Not for everyone, wish they made the serial killer more creepy.

Giordano G (jp) wrote: Mistura doida de Birdman, Matrix e Waking Life!

Pavan R (jp) wrote: A brilliant drama with a good story and direction...and of course two superb actors together....