One People

One People

This film tells the story of a relationship between a Black student (Borger Breeveld) visiting his home country of Suriname and a Hindustani nurse (Diana Gangaram Panday). Their parents don't agree with the relationship. Eventually things get so out of hand that the absurd but in Suriname also coldly logical situation is reached that the Black and the Indian fathers conspire to force the two apart. One of the strengths of the movie is that there is a second layer to it in the relationship between Breeveld's character and the girlfriend he keeps in the Netherlands. Not only he has to defend his choice for a Hindustani girl, he also has to choose between that (Surinamese) girl and the Dutch girl. This is probably meant as symbolic for the diaspora many Surinamers live in.

Roy is a handsome Surinam man, who studies in Amsterdam. He hurriedly left his Dutch girlfriend Karina to visit his dying mom in Paramaribo. Back in his homeland, Roy soon becomes obsessed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (au) wrote: Sometimes we go to movies to feel good. This movie qualifies as the fulfillment of that desire. This movie has some unlikely steps to walk through, but to most of us, that is not a problem. Do we go to Star Wars to observe reality or do we go to escape and enjoy. So it goes with this movie. We abandon what is likely and accept what feels good. In fact, our young protagonist, Evan Taylor, exhibits what to some might be considered savant tendencies as he experiences the world around him. He absorbs his environment and to him it becomes a musical score to be played and experienced. His hope and vision is that it will lead him to his parents and, abandoning reality a bit, that is what happens. His aspiring rocker father and his classical cellist mother both find themselves in New York which happens to be where "the music" has led our protagonist, who is ostensibly adopted by Wizard, played by Robin Williams, who changes his name from Evan Taylor to August Rush. Wizard encourages him to allow the environment to create the music and in the process Wizard experiences potential financial gain. In the end, Evan finds his parents and recognition for his musical acumen. What's wrong with that. Critics may find something wrong, but I find joy and escape.

Sean S (au) wrote: There's a tried-and-tested formula of the sinister motives of people amongst apartment buildings and hustle and bustle of New York City here, but Single White Female makes its premise work with stunning performances from Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Its psychological torment is actually evident in the actions and on the faces of its actors, believe it or not--and the deft mix of sophistication and trash helps the film stand apart in the carbon-copy erotic thriller genre.

Dave S (au) wrote: Far more hilarious and outrageous than "Pillow Talk", more leering than winking. A 60''s sex comedy that not only throws around the word orgy but actually seems to know what one is. Day's at her best here, all slow burn frustration, if-looks-could-kill reaction shots, and ridiculous hats. And a young Ann B. Davis! Best one-liner might be, "It's an acquired taste, like olives. You'll get used to it."

David M (it) wrote: An interesting movie that doesn't really work most of the time, but when it does it works well. The interviews actually aren't all that interesting. The most interesting parts are two monologues from John Krasinski and the student who writes a paper about female abuse. They both have really intense monologues, that are very moving. I think the movie is worth watching for these moments alone, and for the experimental nature of the film itself.