One Piece!

One Piece!

Made under the restrictions of "no zoom, pan, editing or post-sound," directors Shinobu Yaguchi and Takuji Suzuki skewer Japanese social conventions in 14 short episodes. In one segment a woman misreads an advertisement and arrives at a job interview dressed in a bunny suit. Another concerns a woman who hides to surprise her friends only to overhear their unkind appraisal of her hygiene. And another entitled "Grandpa from Hell" is a surreal yarn about a cult leader. Ranging from the humorous to the deeply bizarre, the film's static, minimalistic style makes such "Dogme 95" films as The Celebration (1998) look extravagant.

A no-budget collection of 14 short (5 min) films shot on video with one fixed camera shot. The directors have collaborated on several features before and here they create a series of shorts... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graydon B (de) wrote: A good sequel, but lacks in terms of originality. Finding Dory has breathtaking visuals, some cute moments, and interesting characters, but other than that it is not nearly as good as Finding Nemo.

Hurt (br) wrote: A waist of my life best part was the end

Leena L (ca) wrote: A dutch film, what a delight for a change. Slow, very slow but a nice story that could easily have happened, and probably even did, as it is connected to the 1953 KLM immigrant flight to New Zealand.....

Bengel W (ag) wrote: Another film showing the useless and empty lives of American white trash that is exemplified in this dull movie. The manipulative antics of the daughter lead one to wonder why the director did not have her shot at the end of the movie it would have made a better ending. Selfishness and irresponsibility add to the mix declaring that most Americans are just not worth having around. Nibbles: Tomatoes.

SW b (ru) wrote: This was an interesting documentary about one of the most disturbing sexual taboo's-- bestiality. By reading the description of the film, one might be worried that there is graphic sexual encounters caught on film, but this is not the case-- There is not ANY sexual contact in any manner in this film. The movie allowed viewers inside the minds of those who do believe that physical love with animals is a natural act. The filmmakers do not appear to agree with this, they simply allow the story to be told. The main focus of the film is a man who engaged in sexual contact with a horse and later died from internal bleeding. The movie is uncomfortable to watch, but also intriguing, due to the almost unheard of actions of the people presented in the film.

Paul T (jp) wrote: Didn't expect to be so deeply affected by this film after reading some pretty half-hearted reviews, but although flawed, it has a unique and heartfelt perspective which is worth exploring. While the central plot premise of fishermen discovering a body but not reporting it until after their fishing trip has ended has been seen before - most notably as part of Robert Altman's Short Cuts - here it is the rock which shatters the fragile bonds of love, friendhip and community. What comes after, is part mystery and part social examination, beautifully acted by a wonderful ensemble cast, atmospherically filmed, and equal parts raw, unwieldy, touching and at times infuriating, but definitely worth experiencing.

Mary Grace A (de) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Paul D (br) wrote: A surreal critic of war, but this comic style which is just as much a satire enhances the ludicrously pointless loss of life the 'Great War' was, and the pompous attitudes of the British elite towards it.

Ifiok O (kr) wrote: "The Undertaker and His Pals" was one of those movies trying to go for the whole "it's so bad, its good" approach to low budget horror movies, but this failed to accomplish that in a huge way. A lot of attempts at dark humor never hit their mark, so it's laughable--for all the wrong reasons.

James H (us) wrote: 60/100. With a title like "Easy Living" and a cast including Lucille Ball, one would expect a comedy, and that it is not. It is a sports drama. As a film, it's only fair, the leads are not strong enough to keep it interesting. Well made but not very memorable. Lucille Ball is the best in the cast. I never felt Victor Mature was a strong performer, perhaps the film would have been better with say, Kirk Douglas or John Garfield.

Jason W (br) wrote: Loved the dual worlds but a bit too antiquated for a best movie nomination.