One piece: Dead end no bôken

One piece: Dead end no bôken

It was a quite night at the harbor of Anabaru. Luffy continuously ordered meals, right when the crew is in need for more money. Nami overhears a conversation between a pirate & the bar ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Italian,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on comic,  

It was a quite night at the harbor of Anabaru. Luffy continuously ordered meals, right when the crew is in need for more money. Nami overhears a conversation between a pirate & the bar ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


One piece: Dead end no bôken torrent reviews

Max H (jp) wrote: This movie will have everyone wanting to see more from the performances of the great Judi Dench and Steve Coogan.

Jack P (au) wrote: Some great performances and chilling moments, but that's about it.

Jonathan M (fr) wrote: I was disappointed in this documentary, plain and simple. It started out with a interesting beginning and looked like it was going to take off to bring about some good points on the subject of Anti-Semitism today but, for me, it failed to do so. The middle of this movie just seems to wander back and forth and never really got a hold of me. Not until the end when the Israeli students are visiting the concentration camps and you see their emotions come out and the realization of what their ancestors went through do you see something engaging and deep. And even the students (prior to aforementioned scene) seem to play out for the cameras, accusing some old men of degrading them and being anti-Semitic, when the dialogue on the screen is anything but. The narration is a joke, in my view. Very amateurish and lacking in style. At times, I thought this documentary was an effort provided by a USC freshman film student. There are good points the movie makes but never follows through on them. And the scenes with the Anti-Defamation League come across as not serious; like they took this guy for a joke and talked with him to humor him. I've seen far better documentaries than this one. If you want to yawn, check out this one.

Minna K (au) wrote: Interesting to learn about the old culture of aboriginals. Thanks Timo!

Alana R (mx) wrote: Didn't expect it -- great movie. Intense, confusing, heartbreaking. Watch it!

Stephen J (it) wrote: As a child, I was a dedicated WCW fan and I was excited to see some of my favorite wrestlers as actors in this film. My enthusiasm for professional wrestling entertainment did not blind me to the inadequacies of this juvenile attempt at a comedy. Potty humor is the best this movie has to offer and it's crappy potty humor at that. Ready to Rumble's script writing is terrible and cannot even pass as a successful slapstick comedy. Rent it if you were once a WCW fan, but don't bother if you weren't.

David B (fr) wrote: So what it's low budget...this is brilliant. General silliness from the SOUTH PARK boys, but some truly hilarious moments. And even (extremely loosely) based on actual events! An early project from the 'South Park' creators that, to put it politely, proves their best work was still to come. Sure, it may not be the best filmed movie you'll ever see, but with the budget they had, they've done really well. The songs are excellent and really catchy and you can tell they've got their future South Park humor to still use. The simple effects and production values actually suits the film, like they being crap on purpose. Trey Parker and Matt Stone and brilliant creators and once again, this is proven after this. It's funny, laugh out load and every crude in some places. If your a fan of South Park, or love any other work they've done...then you'll love this. I would highly recommend this to anyone, who loves spoofs and just want a simple near-boyish movie. This is also a great watch with beers :) After you watch this film, you'll be humming one of the songs. One of the best low budget movies I've ever seen. Shame not a lot of people know about this.

Brian K (es) wrote: A very predictable actioner but nonetheless will entice and entertain fans of the genre.

Reuben P (nl) wrote: An alright Australian/New Zealand/United States horror film.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: A mysterious stranger (director Clint Eastwood) is hired by an isolated mining town to defend them from some ex-cons planning to raze their community. His methods of "protecting" them turn out to be both bizarre and spiteful; something that may be related to the dark and twisted secret shared by everyone in the area. High Plains Drifter takes a cynical, cavalier, and hypocritical attitude towards rape and murder. I've liked plenty of Westerns with that quality, but this one has spotty characterization and a really inconsistent grasp on both lighting and sound effects. After watching much better Eastwood films like Pale Rider and Unforgiven, I'm left wondering why this one is considered to be such a classic.

Willie P (gb) wrote: Now Other horror movies have something to be afraid of!

Justin W (jp) wrote: Meh... At times the movie was interesting, and at others, it was painfully dull. The dialog is bland, the back story confusing, and there is this cruise ship... Who the hell knows what is going on. This movie lost me on multiple occasions. Some stories are left hanging, others go off half cocked. Might be worth watching on mushrooms.

Jonathan L (ru) wrote: Don't see why the critics panned this so much. It's an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half with the kids and is more than a little better than the over-the-top cutesie, powder puff, Disney sequel crap we're forced to sit through. It may not be enough for older audiences, but you realise this is a PG and the film demographic adults right??