One Piece: Strong World

One Piece: Strong World

Its a normal day on the thousand sunny instill Nami reads the news paper to the rest of the crew about the east blue being attacked Luff then decides that they will go back to the east blue...

Its a normal day on the thousand sunny instill Nami reads the news paper to the rest of the crew about the east blue being attacked Luff then decides that they will go back to the east blue... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren B (us) wrote: Excellent and worthwhile documentary on the famous and incredible magician Ricky Jay.

Kyle C (nl) wrote: Comedies, what do they usually mean, well in Hollywood, it either means gross out jokes and un-funny jokes or romantic comedies. Then you get movies like this, it has a little of both, but what's different about this is that it's about friendship more than anything else and getting a second chance at your past, there are some very funny parts in this one, ya it's a silly concept, but it has the laughs and that's all that pretty much matters in a comedy, and despite the ridiculous title and premise, you will be smiling and laughing.

Jamal M (it) wrote: saw it. historical. a little dry but that is typical of British movies

Emily K (ag) wrote: Pretty decent movie, gets a little slow during parts. Not sure how someone who is supposed to be a bad ass soldier gets kidnapped so many times. Towards the end the film picks up the pace, excellent shoot out. Disappointing ending though, left feeling let down. Over-all not to shabby.

Marischa B (mx) wrote: The plot lacks substantial development of character history or resolution of ideas. It has a sudden abrupt ending I saw coming a mile away, but lacked substance and leaves many questions vital to the plot unanswered. To discuss more would reveal spoilers.I guess one would have to read the book to understand what actually happens... I seams as if the true story was discarded and stomped all over to get some cheap thrills in. The thrills, BTW are not too believable or exciting.The only good thing I have to say is Sizemore is creepy as hell. Otherwise the acting is completely unbelievable."Original" musical scores blatantly composed to sound as if from "The Grudge" and "The Ring" so much so that one has to wonder if plagiarism just occurred. I was fooled into thinking it was the same composer from "The Ring". I see from the message boards I am not alone in this opinion.I am so disappointed I wasted my time on this movie. The trailer proved to be more exciting. Don't waste your money.

marc l (br) wrote: Jim carrey as death, this could be good

Dann M (it) wrote: Jason Bateman takes the lead in the abysmal sequel Teen Wolf Too. It pretty much follows the same formula as the first film; substituting college for high school and boxing for basketball. But the boxing motif is incredible stupid and makes no damned sense. And, Bateman just doesn't have what it takes to make this garbage work. An incompetent mess, Teen Wolf Too tries too hard to recreate the charm of the first film and ends up looking foolish.

Toma M (jp) wrote: Um dos melhores filmes de Kung Fu de Hong Kong!

Cal F (mx) wrote: Classic model of a parody and some good fun with a Medieval backdrop.

Warren S (jp) wrote: Very funny movie. Andy Griffith is terrific. I still laugh just thinking about the toilets that were so clean and when the big brass walked in, the lids saluted!

Tracey c (es) wrote: Just brought makeing comments so much later..

Walter M (ag) wrote: In "Hop," Justin(Kalomba Mboyi) desperately wants to watch the upcoming soccer match but his father Dieudonne(Ansou Diedhiou) is afraid that stealing cable could bring unwanted attention to their undocumented status. However, upon seeing his son's straight A's, he relents. And then almost immediately regrets it when the downstairs neighbors are so upset at their poor television reception that they toss Dieudonne's television out the window which does get the attention of the authorities. He is arrested while Justin gets away, stowing away in the back of Frans'(Jan Decleir) van. At first, Frans wants nothing more to do with him but soon warms to him with Frans' friend Gerda's(Antje de Boeck) intervention at the police station possibly staving off Dieudonne's deportation for a day. Proving that any movie that gets both pygmy and anarchist into the same sentence cannot be all bad, "Hop" initially cultivates the eyes with its crisp black and white cinematography with a couple of well-timed splashes of color. To its credit, the movie smartly explores such serious issues as immigration and identity in Belgium where there is a more than healthy mistrust of the authorities and that is divided by language which is supposed to be united by soccer. However, while the idea of The Hop makes sense in theory, the movie is seemingly unwilling to seriously explore its consequences, falling on the sentimental and cliched side of the equation in the process.

Jonathan H (es) wrote: this is a fun watch with the right expectations.funny in parts but some scenes are too drawn out. the trailer is worth a watch also.

Marco A (de) wrote: Not as good as the two prequels

Marques C (us) wrote: One of the best on-screen duos of all-time! A must-see classic. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton burst onto the screen with a chemistry rarely seen in modern cinema.