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Katrin is a woman who knows what she wants. She's had enough of the snow and ice. And sheep that always want to be fed. When she meets the Grizzler, a wanderer , her life takes a sharp turn towards the unexpected.

When she meets the Grizzler, a wanderer , her life takes a sharp turn towards the unexpected. And sheep that always want to be fed. She's had enough of the snow and ice. Katrin is a woman who knows what she wants

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Users reviews

Alvarie A (mx)

If you have not seen this movie yet, I recommend it to everyone !!!

Bryon M (jp)

But mostly your glued to the screen by pure Pam magnetism. Not the best film but without a doubt it's never boring and even though its rough there is a sense of fun to the whole thing. The first true female action star in my opinion and this is just one movie that showcases her charisma. It begins and ends with her. In one word Pam Grier

Charles P (ca)

eXistenZ is dark, surreal, gross, and entertaining as hell

Francis M (ca)

with absurd plot and characters. . . Not exactly mentally challenging

George R (ca)

lahoma Cherokee:"Some of white man's ways are hard!". . . . Best quote: "Massai: "you have a woman, yet you carry the water". A good performance by Burt Lancaster, of Massai, an 1886 post Geronimo Apache warrior

Isaiah R (it)

f nothing else, I enjoyed seeing folks getting their head busted to the white meat!!. Solid acting, action, and emotion. I liked it

Jonny P (nl)

I would think twice before seeing this film because, unlike over-the-top gore films like "Frozen," these two hours of realism are truly disturbing. Though the acting often takes a backseat to the stunning cinematography and uncomfortable imagery, Benno Furmann steals the spotlight with the desperation and agony in his acting. I would feel like I am delivering a spoiler but the entire second half of the film focuses on the attempts of these climbers to reach safety. Frozen limbs, the crack of bones breaking, and worst of all, gruesomely frostbitten hands, will make your entire body cringe. As it exposes the power of nature along with the horrors of mountain climbing in an avalanche, this film becomes difficult to watch. If you are squeamish, this is not the movie for you. "Nordwand" isn't a movie that you should see because of its acting or its tragic story (loosely based on historical events), but because of its raw, realistic portrayal of freezing to death

Karrald G (us)

Simply AMAZING!! This movie makes me want to go into circus training!!

MValledor V (us)

where can i find the tatalon river?

Robert A (kr)

Definitely worth a watch. The script has one or two surprises, and the dialogue has a humor and sharpness that is unusual these days. Katie Holmes gives a very good performance, as does the rest of the cast. A better movie than its premise might imply