One Sings, the Other Doesn't

One Sings, the Other Doesn't

In this story of friendship and reproductive rights, 14 years in the relationship between two very dissimilar women are chronicled. Pauline is a middle-class city girl, at odds with her very conventional family. Suzanne is several years older, a country girl with two illegitimate children and another (whom she cannot support) on the way. Pauline loans Suzanne money for an (illegal) abortion. At this point, the two separate and communicate mainly through postcards. Some years later, they meet at an abortion rally, and they have many adventures and stories to share with one another.

The intertwined lives of 2 women in 1970's France, set against the progress of the women's movement in which Agnes Varda was involved. Pomme and Suzanne meet when Pomme helps Suzanne obtain... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach L (au) wrote: A modern version of the Cinderella with a quite crazy style and much of humour . A talented girl is the Cinderella, her step-mother is a very untalented singer who tries to promote her also untalented daughter into singing and the remain team of the family who depend on the abilities of the 'cinderela' . and the prince in thi case is a song maker and talent chaser . not to mention who opn the end is promoted !!

William W (it) wrote: A bit overrated. The theme is the memory of old HK but it is a bit brief. Simon Yam maintained his performance standard.

Vanessa B (nl) wrote: my kids really liked this movie so if it were up to them it would have been 5 stars but personally preferred the movie " The Water Horse"

John T (mx) wrote: Typical Generic Slasher flick. Better than most, but far from great.

Anna B (ca) wrote: film about a mother and daughter who take in a wandering man, during the second world war. the husband has been missing in the far east for 3 years and the girl warms to the new arrival. romantic drama lovely film. especally if you like walk in the clouds and forever young. for the girls really though.

Caitlin L (ag) wrote: A weird movie. Couldn't get into it.

Matt W (es) wrote: A criminally underrated film. In terms of acting alone, Red Lion may represent a high water mark in Toshiro Mifune's extraordinary career. Set in a period of political upheaval at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate's 300 year rule, Red Lion tells the tale of Gonzo (Mifune), a dim witted peasant soldier in the army of the Imperial Restoration Force. He manages to convince his commander to let him go to his hometown in advance of the troops to convince the villagers of the benefits of the regime change. Borrowing his captain's red Lion's Mane headpiece, he arrives to a hero's welcome and instantly starts to dismantle the rule of the corrupt officials who have enslaved the people. However, things are not as simple as they appear and the jubilation caused by Gonzo's reforms is to be short lived. The film starts out as a comedy, and ends as a damning indictement of political hypocrisy. It features some fabulous acting by all involved and some wonderful relationships are developed, particularly the grudging comradery that builds between Gonzo and the ronin Hanzo (Etsushi Takahashi), and that between Gonzo and his liberated prostitute girlfriend Tomi (Shima Iwashita). It also features some great chambara action which should please the slash fanatics. Mostly, though, Red Lion stands out as a heart warming and deeply moving character piece about an honest but naive man caught in the maelstrom of politics. Truly magnificent, and quite possiby on a par with the best of Mifune's Kurosawa pieces.

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Human Desire," Jeff Warren(Glenn Ford) is just back from the wars and at his job as a train engineer. At work, he encounters Carl Buckley(Broderick Crawford), a friend, who soon enough loses his job in a fight with management. So, Carl travels to the city with his wife Vicki(Gloria Grahame) to get his job back. Which she does. But when it takes much, much longer than he originally thought, this only goes to fuel his jealousy.Directed by Fritz Lang with no small amount of relish, "Human Desire" is not just a very good crime movie of the era it was made in, but also one very much ahead of its time. First, it is still the rare movie to point out when an older man is paired with a much younger woman which is usually still taken for granted. Second and more importantly is how the movie is also very honest about domestic violence, even if the vocabulary did not yet exist when this was made.

Corley J (br) wrote: Typical of the genre but the movie is so much fun one my fav