One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away

Set in pre-World War II Zagreb, the story is seen through the eyes of 6-year-old Perica Šafranek (played by Tomislav Žganec). A dandy from Zagreb, Mr Fulir (played by Relja Bašić), starts flirting with Perica's mother during a family picnic. At first, Perica's father doesn't notice anything, but wants to marry off Perica's aunt, so he invites the man to their residence. After multiple rendezvous, Perica's father becomes aware of Fulir's attempts to seduce his wife.

The story is seen through the eyes of 6 year old Perica Safranek. On a family picnic Perica's mother starts flirting with Mr Fulir, a Zagreb Dandy. The father at first doesn't notice it, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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