One Step Behind

One Step Behind

Shortly after police discovers the murder of three friends, police inspector Wallander finds his friend and colleague Svedberg dead. First, it is believed that Svedberg killed himself but Wallander soon discovers links between Svedberg, the three friends and a fourth person, a young woman in a mental hospital.

Shortly after police discovers the murder of three friends, police inspector Wallander finds his friend and colleague Svedberg dead. At first believing that Svedberg killed himself, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James R (au) wrote: Waste of production money. I wish producers would just donate to charity and take the tax credit instead of make crap like this. I actually felt bad for Corin Nemec, who is actually a decent actor, to be surrounded by zero talent. The two girls can breath better than they can act, and you just wait for them to take their clothes off to make up for it, which never comes. The CG looks like it is circa 1965, and the production design when it appears is horrible, which is pretty sad considering most of it takes place in the jungle.

Samantha G (nl) wrote: This is the greatest band in the world doing what they do best. I have never seen any other band perform as well as Green Day does.

Laurie S (mx) wrote: crap and not really a horror movie if you ask me.

Charles P (ru) wrote: A dumb, frantic, immature, stereotypical disgrace without an idea in its head or a joke in its arsenal.

Thomas T (ag) wrote: "It's Morphin Time" is back at it again in a surprisingly good cinematic release.

Josh M (it) wrote: One of those movies that can go in a thousand different directions, and it pretty much has now with the Stargate TV series.

richard n (ag) wrote: I enjoy watching this movie again and again, I thought that both George Burns and Charlie Schlatter did a great job. Once again the critics prove that they wouldn't know a good movie if it hit them in the face. I thought Charlie pulled it off as his shy self and later as being taken over by George's character. If you can just sit and enjoy a movie without sitting and picking it apart and expecting the worse, then I think you will enjoy this movie, don't try and compare it to something else, just sit back and enjoy. After all isn't that how some of the most ridiculously stupid TV shows are on the air.

Jose Luis M (mx) wrote: Hermosa fotografa, pellcula algo sensiblera, pero todo un homenaje a Africa.

Ola G (fr) wrote: Erik Lanshof (Rutger Hauer), an aristocratic Dutch student from Leiden in the early 30s, is one in a gang of carefree friends who don't care much for politics. The other ones are Guus LeJeune (Jeroen Krabb), Jan Weinberg (Huib Rooymans), Alex (Derek de Lint) Robby Froost (Eddy Habbema) and Esther (Belinda Meuldijk) who is Robby's girlfriend. When the Nazis invade Holland, however, the group is drawn inevitably into the conflict. While Alex joins the German army, Gus and Erik joins the resistance and eventually flees to England, where they become pawns in a much larger underground movement to restore their country's Queen Wilhelmina (Andrea Domburg) to her rightful throne in Holland... "Soldaat van Oranje" is based on the book Soldaat van Oranje by Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, who lived the story himself. The film had a budget of 5,000,000 (2,300,000), at the time the most expensive Dutch movie ever. With 1,547,183 viewers, it was the most popular Dutch film of 1977. I reckon what also needs to be mentioned is that Rutger Hauer, Jeroen Krabb, Paul Verhoeven and cinematographer Jan De Bont, all went to Hollywood during the 80s. I reckon what is a bit unique here being a WW2 movie, is that the setting is in Holland, and all speak dutch or german. The setting of students/friends becoming involved in WW2 is not that often seen. Few examples exist, such as the norwegian movie "Max Manus". And the I reckon the fact that Verhoeven shows that the war changed a lot of aspects of everyday life for everyone, there were some things that stayed the same regardless. The normality existed in Holland despite the german invasion, which is as well maybe seldom seen in warmovies. "Soldaat van Oranje" is uneven, some scenes are not completely balanced, the acting varies between great and too strict/theatrical and the storyline hasnt got a fully proper flow in my book. Compared to his later movies, we also see very little violence and gore. Its nice to see a young Rutger Hauer and a young Jeroen Krabb, even if the acting is maybe not entirely top notch anno 1977. And its kind of funny to hear Rutger speaking dutch. "Soldaat van Oranje" has its moments for sure and its a powerful story about the loss of innocence/freedom and the battle to reclaim it.

Joe K (it) wrote: Nice Little Movie. Lots of Gore for the time i think but effective

Gregory W (br) wrote: good pre-WWII spy drama but no trains:(

Nolan M (br) wrote: Not bad, not bad, but the ending sucked.

bill s (it) wrote: Old school style with good old school performances....just a pleasure to watch.

Joetaeb D (kr) wrote: An insipid, crude and inappropriate semi remake to Freaky Friday. The change up wastes Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds's in service of it's obvious and predictable script.