One True Love

One True Love

A firefighter falls in love with a woman after he rescues her from a car crash.

A firefighter falls in love with a woman after he rescues her from a car crash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lance T (ca) wrote: Outstanding documentary!! EVERYONE needs to watch this, so much truth on so many levels. Just ANOTHER reason to re-look at the way you eat.

Bryan F (it) wrote: Surprisingly not bad. Definitely made-for-TV budget, but the plot was relatively clean, and the acting believable. It's reach doesn't exceed it's grasp. Enjoyable, in a pulpy way.

Anna B (kr) wrote: I thought it was nicely directed, visually, and in the editing and acting; Mills sets a lovely tone, and he's an expert at montages. The script isn't so great, with an only intermittently interesting protagonist and a weak third act, but I felt like it worked in spite of this.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: Genuinely a feature-length-stretched-Looney Tunes-cartoon taking on movie genres and the whole Warner Bros. era in the 2000s. It's also not as good as "Space Jam." (B)(Full review coming soon)

Camille L (it) wrote: Franchement, en l'tat final, Bamboozled est loin d'tre un chef d'oeuvre. En revanche, c'est trs probablement le film-somme de l'oeuvre de Spike Lee, son projet le plus ambitieux ce moment-l de sa carrire. Bamboozled n'est pas un film part entire. C'est plutt un cri de rage pendant 2h15 o le ralisateur amricain enchane les scuds sur la TV amricaine, sur le gangsta rap pseudo-conscient, sur les marques de streetwear, sur la publicit et sur le systme en gnral. Il le fait de sa manire si particulire, sans aucune subtilit, tout en jouant avec la technique (le film est tourn en DV, mais Spike Lee s'accorde quelques carts pour quelques squences dcisives). Damon Wayans, Tommy Davidson et surtout Mos Def sont excellents.

Jarryd R (mx) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Laura F (ag) wrote: A pretty fun action / horror / comedy movie.I started watching it with 0 expectations, imagining it would be just another "Asylum / SyFy" type of movie, but got positively surprised.- The characters are pretty likable - you actually root FOR them, instead of against them as (at least I do) in most other "modern horror" films. They also don't act stupid - no "lets split up to cover more ground" or other bs like that;- It doesn't try to shove a "bogus pseudo-science" down our throats - you won't get a lot of explanations, but while watching it you simply won't care much about those anyways;- It manages to mix action, horror and humor in a successful way, not letting one spoil the others - the movie doesn't take itself too seriously and neither expect us to do that;- The actors are pretty convincing and in general the characters don't fall in the usual clichs;- The special effects / creatures are pretty ok - better than the ones you see in most movies like this.The only part that bugged me (no pun intended) was the ending, but I don't think it stops you from enjoying the movie.Summing up, Infestation is a pretty entertaining movie for horror flick fans.