One True Thing

One True Thing

A career woman reassesses her parents' lives after she is forced to care for her cancer-stricken mother.

One True Thing tells the life of Ellen Goulding (Renée Zellweger) who is a reporter for New York magazine. Ellen admires her father, George who is a university professor, a successful novelist, while her mother, Kate is just a normal housewife who just busy with worries about the cooking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trine W (ca) wrote: Seeing as I'm usually not one for romantic comedies, or romantic and comedic films by themselves, I found myself quite enjoying this. It's certainly not one of the best films I've ever seen, but it was pretty well done. The only thing that kind of confuses me is the title itself. Love Is All You Need doesn't really seem to me to be the main theme in the film, and it's completely different from the Danish title, which is 'The Bald Hairdresser.' But other than that, quite enjoyable.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Awesome throwback. The trailers really make both this and Death Proof.

Jack P (ca) wrote: From director Kevin Smith, more known for his comedies and playing the loveable stoner "silent bob" this was way out of style for him. Red state follows a hate preacher and his parish (loosely based on the west boro baptist church) hunting down "sinners" such as adulterers and gays. This film was a great first horror for kevin smith as it has suspense, action, plenty of gore and was a thrilling rush. A great, crazy film with a simple plot. Promising stuff.

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Private U (ag) wrote: I saw this when I was little and want to see it again... I remember it was so sad

Matthew J (mx) wrote: This sequel needed more jokes and action to be as good as the first one but it is still a great film.

Al M (br) wrote: Alan Clarke's Made in Britain represents subversive, political cinema at its best--it is a provocative gut-punch of film that is in turn hilarious, disturbing, and poignant. Tim Roth's performance as a British teengage skinhead who ditches school, steals cars, and causes general mayhem is about as primal and powerful as acting can be. An indictment of the British education system, Thatcherism, and conformity in general, Made in Britain tells the tale of an intelligent young man who simply could not conform to the strict "bullshit" that he learned in school. He desires a life outside the system, "outside of society" as Patti Smith would say, but he finds that various forces and institutions always attempt to pull him back under the regime of power and normativity. Trevor, Roth's character, is a racist and, in many ways, a reactionary conservative, but it is precisely his inability to become a true revolutionary that allows the film to serve as a real critique of a failed educational system, a system that only teaches conformity, passivity, and docility, a system that teaches one to be nothing more than sheep. Indeed, Made in Britain's critical view of education serves as a fine companion piece to the views expressed by Pink Floyd on The Wall, which incidentally appeared in the same exact year. When education teaches us to be nothing more than mindless drones, then might we all join the chorus of "We Don't Need No Education. We Don't Need No Thought Control."

Abel D (br) wrote: Despite a slow start and a sometimes overly whimsical musical score, Goldstone's 70s pirate flick still delivers the goods. Strengthened by a very likeable and dedicated cast, with Shaw, Jones and Holder getting special props, alongside some beautiful production values and well staged, practical swordfights that harken back to the old days, and you have a, well, perfectly decent 'swashbuckler' in, well, 'Swashbuckler.

Eliabeth S (us) wrote: Very French. Very Truffaut. :-P Great actors and entrancing story. Definitely can see the Hitchcock influences.

Chris I (us) wrote: could polanski be any rapier?

Maximus A (nl) wrote: This is mainly a dude movie.

Bryan D (ru) wrote: Very cool idea, not well executed.

Keaton E (mx) wrote: Though the story "gets fried" at times, Fried Green Tomatoes benefits from strong performances of Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy as well as some emotional resonance.