One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket

The story of crazy fans of superstars who go to any extent to promote their screen idols and their movies. Kunjappu aka Jahangir (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a jeep-driver who is a die-hard fan of Mammootty and also is the General Secretary of the Malappuram District unit of the Mammootty Fans’ Association. They even sacrifice their own career trying to promote their favorite stars.

The story of crazy fans of superstars who go to any extent to promote their screen idols and their movies. They even sacrifice their own career trying to promote their favorite stars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny B (fr) wrote: Why aren't people talking about this beautiful movie more?!

Alberto A (au) wrote: Heli left me speechless. Escalante managed to combine rawness with a dazzling cinematography and extraordinary sequences, giving us a hint that Amat will make each and every one of his movies with an astonishing quality. Apart from the shielding classic drug-storyline of drugs in many Mexican movies recently, Heli is different in telling and preoccupying only in the story of a little and unconventional family. Without too many political detours, the story is incredibly personal and at the same time, it criticizes the whole judicial branch in Mexico (you'll see how).People may waive the trip to the cinema because the film has strong scenes, but it is crucial to watch this film.

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john i (it) wrote: amazing, a must see...if you see this movie lying around pick it up and watch it....its good

Mark W (es) wrote: Big Brother meets The Blair Witch in this rather unmemorable horror flick. It was pegged as "The greatest fright flick since the exorcist" (mind you that was by a little known magazine called The Face) but it really had nothing at all of that standard. In fact the "Paranormal Activity" type movie took a general horror route for films of this time. Watch if you like your horrors, but don't build your expectations.

Jack G (ag) wrote: Sequel to scary movie but not to different from each other

Megan G (us) wrote: i luved this movie!! :)

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