One Word from You

One Word from You


The role of Milagros (Esperanza Pedreño) is really very touching, creating a bond between the audience and the reality of the character and plot, on the other hand Rosario (Malena Alterio), his mother (Maria Alfonso Rosso), the first is all plot, also Morsa (Antonio De la Torre) is a ground for Rosario and makes the film a tragedy for life which ended in abiding by what comes. Each role has its own tragic history (the movie don't explore) but try to reflect the main characters from what happens with their surrounding environment To End, that is an existential search to find a place in a society that is not for everyone and understand that we are not alone in the world I like this movie, because is simple and leaves a good taste in the mouth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex P (mx) wrote: This a fun movie especially for those going through the trials and tribulations of motherhood. This is a gritty, funny and earthy effort until it cops out in the end with a very apple pie and motherhood ending.

Cat B (it) wrote: Dean 'Superman' Cain!

shawn d (au) wrote: This film confirms what I've always suspected about all the "pink ribbon" campaigns by companies and Komen. Also put into words the reasons why this campaign is kind of insulting to women.

Eliabeth H (au) wrote: We laugh at your Bechdel test.

Martyn E (us) wrote: Surprisingly funny in places. Some of the voices are spot on. Don't listen to the critics, sit back and enjoy the light hearted fun. Better than some other bigger budgeted films in the same vein. The kids loved it, natch. And no sad bits either, yay...

James C (br) wrote: Bad and sadly not even in a good way, possibly because that's what it's actually going for.

Tomas L (br) wrote: Oh boy this just went from bad to worse.

Johnny G (de) wrote: Terrible acting/script, combined with a seemingly hodgepodge story.Had a few laughs through, Uncle Dawg will have his day!

Alex S (kr) wrote: This was an ok movie but a little strange. The story could have been developed better.

Arthur P (kr) wrote: Really good 1930's sex comedy about a menage a trois relationship (although not said very obviously applied) great performances by Fredic March and Miriam Hopkins and a suprisingly good comedic one by Gary Cooper. The only qualm is it feels rather stagey even for a film for the thirties but the lines are so funny and droll it really dosen't effect things too much although it ends like you'd think it would, but still an excellent comedy far superior to current ones that don't understand how to combine emotion and humor without making them into essentially melodramas.

Aaron V (au) wrote: hard to watch but important documentary film about the Catholic abuse scandal. One perpetrator priest is interviewed and a few of his victims also recall events. Abuse, especially in the church, is incredibly devastating physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Russ B (nl) wrote: 11/15/2014: A pretty fun and entertaining movie.

Phil G (br) wrote: The strongest point of this movie: The atmosphere.Its weakest point: The acting! For me the acting was a complete let down. Some of the performances were laughable. The actress playing the blind mother forgot she was playing a blind character at times. The lack of money was also omnipresent. Some scenes were either badly shot or edited sometimes leaving the viewer to a "What the heck" situation. The filmmaker is very very influenced by the Golden years of Italian horror. It could have been filmed in the seventies in Italy. The characters look like those you would find in an Argento or Fulci movie. The blind mother, the priest... Tomaselli also uses intensively sound to accompany cinematography again like Argento often did in the past. The question is how much is too much. The atmosphere, the storyline in this movie reminded me the highly superior Mexican film "Here comes the devil" unfortunately Torture Chamber lacks in talent and creativity. "Here comes the devil" was odd in a good way. TC is odd in a bad way.

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: A psychotic break of manic catharsis. A genius of ego maniacal verve & drive.