John w­ilde is a happi­ly married man ­who is about to­ face the bigge­st challenge of­ his life. Late­ one night, joh­n logs into a s­ocial networkin­g site and re-c­onnects with hi­s old high scho­ol flame, adria­nna. What begin­s as a harmless­ hello rapidly ­escalates into ­a rekindling of­ their past rom­ance. Torn betw­een the life he­ once envisione­d with adrianna­ and the life h­e's now buildin­g with his wife­, mary, john so­on discovers th­at there are se­rious consequen­ces to the deci­sions he has ma­de. Now john mu­st try to find ­his way back to­ god and get on­ a path to forg­iveness from ma­ry, god and him­self.

ONLINE is a dramatic Christian-based story of love, temptation, ambition that touches on relevant subjects that challenge every relationship, and offers solid "scripture based" resolutions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zachary E (fr) wrote: One of the BEST music documentaries I've ever seen!! A must see for everybody!!

Zahid C (ru) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 15 August 2008Amt: 55/-Time: 9.15 pmOver at: 12.15 amWith: IsmailTheatre: Maratha Mandir, MumbaiThough the movie was a complete bore, I actually like Ranbir and Deepika's acting skills. Deepika as the confident and independent girl next door just suited and Ranbir as the flirt was kool. But a bad script.

Tim M (br) wrote: A rapist is outside with evidence and instead of locking the door and calling the cops, she does neither. Really? Then when the rapist is asleep instead of escaping... she calls in sick to work. Then the rapist comes to her work. People fight with him, shouting "call the police", she breaks up the fight... Then when her boyfriend comes to save her.. she doesn't go to him. When cutting a cucumber she finally thinks it's time to protect herself. Use the knife? No! Don't be crazy! Hit him with a plastic bottle of water! Both "Spit on Your Grave"s are much better than this bizarre, tragic Japanese homage. I like the freezer aspect, reminds me of the bookcases in "6ixtynin9".

Reginald J (de) wrote: Just above MOW fare. Strong(er) female leads saves it. The ending, however, gave me indigestion. I'd offer up a two-course meal of Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, or Like Water for Chocolate instead.

Sarah B (nl) wrote: great british film .true story and haunting soundtrack

I dont know w (ru) wrote: I just know this will be horrible, mostly cause it's a fourth sequel to, like I said before, MINDLESS ENTERTAINMENT.

Nathan R (ca) wrote: I'm not usually a Cage fan or a Cher fan too for that matter, but something about the lighthearted, humorous attitude about this film changed my mind about both. With a real witty script and a spot on cast, it's a rom-com that will definitely stand the test of time for years to come.

John B (ag) wrote: Not as good as I hoped, but, it was an ok Christmas story about the importance of Christmas spirit

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

TAMMY (de) wrote: Yes, he passes as a half-breed! I love it when he's fighting his 'fellow man', it brings back a hint of his acting ability and looks from the beginning!

Brian P (es) wrote: A concrete depiction of dramatic experience from its neorealism set on a different culture.

John W (ag) wrote: Starring Ralph Meeker. While this film version of Mickey Spillane's novel has gained cult status among some film noir enthusiasts, it just isn't very good. It boasts some impressive cinematography that is years ahead of its time but otherwise there is little to recommend this film. It's low budget works to the films advantage, achieving a seediness that couldn't be accomplished by a major studio. The actors are all so hammy and the dialogue so wooden, and this is tough to get past. The ending, some over-the-top nonsense suggesting a nuclear holocaust, is absolutely ludicrous. Directed by Robert Aldrich.

Miguel R (ca) wrote: While not the best animated film, Megamind is one of Dreamworks's funniest in recent memory