Only the Lonely

Only the Lonely

Danny Muldoon, a Chicago policeman, still lives with his overbearing mother Rose. He meets and falls in love with Theresa Luna , whose father owns the local funeral parlour. Naturally, his mother objects to the relationship, and Danny and Theresa must either overcome her objections or give up the romance.

A film is directed by Chris Columbus who serves as a creator, follows a policeman - Danny. Danny has an overbearing mother. One day, he falls ahead over heels in love with a beautiful girl - Theresa but their love still sneaks behind his mother's back. What happens when he reveals his love? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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vinny p (es) wrote: The camera work made me sick.

Alex R (us) wrote: Only 1% of critics liked this ehh who can blame them

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Troy K (au) wrote: Extremely glamourized, but really hit home with me.

Justice F (it) wrote: A funny movie but sometimes unfunny will ferrel was the funniest part B-

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: Very good movie. Underrated.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: A pointless waste of a film

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Sarah (gb) wrote: Continuing on from Jean de Florette, this film was quite a good sequel. It really wrapped up everything and left me quite satisfied. Daniel Auteuil successfully creeped me out on countless occasions. Similar to the first one, I got really attached to and emotional about the characters i.e. I hated some so passionately, and literally clapped when the one's I liked had something good happen. Overall it was pretty good. Neither movie in this sereies is one that I would have chosen to watch (I watched it at school), but I did enjoy them nonetheless. What did this movie teach me? Emmanuelle Beart is not shallow - what with her marrying Daniel Auteuil in real life.

Charles G (nl) wrote: It had a lot of cliches but I still found it enjoyable to watch.

stefano l (jp) wrote: I usually don't like this kind of movie, all nature and thinking. I find them too much idealistic and dreamy, but this one really hit me. I watched for an exam (discovering then it was singed as "Want to see it" here on flixster). The first minutes with the scenes of the snowed mountains of the North America are stunningly good, and the finals 20 minutes are amazing as well.Really a nice film, nothing more to say.

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