Only the Valiant

Only the Valiant

Only the Valiant, a classic western adventure, based on a novel by Charles Marquis Warren, the film tells the story of a Cavalry officer who volunteers for a suicidal mission to fight the hostile Apaches in an effort to prove his loyalty to his men and the woman he loves.

Capt. Richard Lance is unjustly held responsible, by his men and girlfriend, for an Indian massacre death of beloved Lt. Holloway. Holloway is killed while escorting a dangerous Indian ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yva S (us) wrote: An unnecessary mess that is so terrible you wonder if the universe would be a better place if humanity had never sparked into existence.

Fernn O (ca) wrote: En un ao, en que Francia, nos brind el magnifico Biopic, que le di el Oscar a Marion Cotillard (La Mome), tambi (C)n pretendi hechizarnos con la vida previa de la madre de toda la moda Coco Channel. Con un guin, a mi criterio, vaci, y lleno de huecos, que ni la propia Channel podra parchar, nos lleg esta lenta cinta. Dominguera, y pretenciosa.

Abubakar R (kr) wrote: who d hell writes this stuff man... shity movie

penwick p (ca) wrote: A strange and desperate relationship rises out of this beautifully textured film. Pang lets an essentially sad story prepare for a more optimistic future by the end of the film - but still uncertain - just like things will be after the Macau handover. Pang has the streets and the ruins of Macau tell the tale of a young girl caught between two identities. She becomes a tragic figure embodying the confusion that is Macau. I went to Macau 6 years after the handover, and I get the sense that it has changed so much since then, but I wouldn't know. Macau is a perfect canvas. When you are there walking through it's maze you feel there are stories to be told.

Keiko N (gb) wrote: Hysterical; can't even express how much I enjoyed it. Go in with no expectations and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Christopher O (jp) wrote: Amazingly funny, yet both oddly wierd, and too much like my RL family in Michigan at the same time...

Colin M (ag) wrote: The Ring is one of the most boring movies I have seen, this movie has a lot of build up, but not a good pay Off--The Ring is also way to long and with some extremely boring characters, there was more to dislike then like.

Daniel D (br) wrote: Happy Birthday to Me is pretty standard slasher, it gets right into the slashing, and is followed by loads of fake scares. This is similar to the Scream movies-that I love- but here I was never surprised by a fake out. Often these fake scares were just characters acting creepy. The film has plenty of gory films in it, as it chops its' way through the smug private school characters. My favorite kill was the bench press, which had me laughing. Happy Birthday To Me gets props for the weirdness, which really shows at the end. It seems to get some inspiration from Brian De Palmas, Sisters. While I laughed, and was kept entertained, the film didn't work at all as a horror. No scares, but often funny, even if unintentionally.

Martin T (au) wrote: Okay, it's better than Petey Wheatstraw, at least. It would be difficult to enumerate all the ways this movie is bad, but it does tend more towards the "so bad it's good" variety. Which can be entertaining, and there is a sort of gloriousness to the amateur writing, acting, and production. However, I don't find Rudy Ray Moore's schtick very funny, and there are a number of dull patches. And "so bad it's good" is still... well, bad. Kind of fun, not as fun as I'd hoped for.

aLy S (us) wrote: a friend recommended it 2 me

Christian H (br) wrote: Oldboy is dark, strange, visceral, twisted, brutally violent, hard-hitting, and enertaining from start to finish. This movie is so many things, but most of all is brilliantly written and directed. It starts with a great premise and ends with one of, if not, the best and most terrifying plot twists I have ever seen. 9/10

Matt C (jp) wrote: I loved this film growing up!

Nikolai E (it) wrote: If this film had come out after the advent of inline skates, it would have been a catastrophe. Instead, the sight of those clunky four-wheelers on everyone's feet just helps make every scene unintentionally hilarious.