Only the Young

Only the Young

Kevin and Garrison are boyhood friends in a sleepy California suburb. They share a love of skateboarding, an evangelical Christian faith and a sense of confusion about romantic relationships.

A documentary on three teenagers living in a small desert town in Southern California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John W (it) wrote: Exciting action/adventure film that has a strong Christian theme. RR proves that you can have action with a message and a message without needing to be heavy handed.

Hitesh M (au) wrote: worst........vahiyaad movie..............0 star

Rachel B (mx) wrote: like! long time no see! miss u guys! hope can meet again next year! DIVER MUST SEE!

Suneel J (es) wrote: A fitting sequel to "Are We There Yet?". Well-rounded family popcorn flick for a couple hours to kill. Easy to follow and has decent comedic highs. Not the worst movie.

Ricardo H (jp) wrote: Maybe their budget didn't allow for more film to develop the story. Anyway, not worth watching

Omar K (it) wrote: Period dramas seldom arouse the attentions of an audience in the way blockbusters do, by appealing to the masses with themes we??ve become accustomed to. And as the period drama may appear daunting to some with its lavish set dcor and formally intimate dialogue, Robert Altman??s Gosford Park advertised itself as a murder mystery interwoven within a period setting, a big change to what anybody would have expected. Born out of the influence of Agatha Christie, as well as the long-running Charlie Chan series of the 30??s, Gosford Park is influenced heavily by murder mystery benchmarks, but that does not mean its period aura won??t be felt, because I can safely say that nothing can overcome the period look, not even essentially this cinematic version of cluedo. Gosford Park focuses on the lives of both its masters and servants, where an amalgam of different people with diverse personalities, careers and ambitions intertwine under the same roof in a bid to solve the murder, but end up discovering something about themselves instead. One would have expected the murder to occur at the onset, or 20 minutes in, but after an hour, it finally does revealing itself to merely act as a tool to forward the characters?? personas. It is a prolonged opening that allows for some back-story to the characters, and by characters, I mean everyone that resides in Gosford Park! And that gives the film such density and atmosphere because every hierarchal section of Gosford Park is investigated, making for an unsurprisingly hefty experience. The trailer and the film??s build-up create this cryptically suspenseful feel about the place, but as the murder is committed, the murder kind of relinquishes its suspenseful grip on us and dwindles in importance until the revelation right at the very end ceases to be of concern for us or even the characters for that matter. We are meant to see Gosford Park as a character focused film where the story functions as an expansion to the characters?? personalities, people we are meant to see a narrative within. It may be misleading but Robert Altman loves his characters, and wants them to consistently drive the story where their needs requires it to, constructing an extremely slow and old-fashioned narrative. But, that is the appeal of Gosford Park for it harks back in story, character and set design to a time where this was blockbusting stuff. Gosford Park is the epitome of the period genre, beautifully crafting the Gosford Park estate so that every inch of the interior is a vast and luxurious historical wasteland of imbalance where two different ranks of society coexist. And in those ranks, an ensemble cast of Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas, Charles Dance, Tom Hollander, Bob Balaban, Clive Owen, Emily Watson, Derek Jacobi, Richard E. Grant and Stephen Fry fill the mansion. They are all fantastic in their performances, but three cast members have to be singled out for individual acclaim. Michael Gambon gives such a dominating performance of pure acrimony and pomposity that his demise lets us rejoice that the murder finally arrives. Helen Mirren is the complete opposite of Gambon, quietly and perhaps slightly eerily creeps her way through the corridors and house keeps more than just the estate, but a secret embedded within the fabrics of her worn out appearance. But it is American Ryan Phillippe who travels the Atlantic and dominates the British in their own playground. You may recognise him from American teen films such as Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but upon hearing his remarkable Scottish accent, you may believe his portrayal enough to mistake him for Phillippe??s Scottish doppelganger, until he masterfully deceives us all. Gosford Park is a strictly mature film, with lush dialogue and complex relationships, so it comes as no surprise that it is restricted to senior viewers, but the now completed Downton Abbey was born out of Gosford Park??s critical success, and look at the popularity of that, so audiences should try, at least once, the period plushness Gosford Park proposes. The Verdict: Gosford Park fails to make the most of its delicious murder mystery setup, but in its place offers a character-fixated story that breeds some staggering performances from Helen Mirren and Ryan Phillippe in particular. ???????????????????? 6/10

Phai K (fr) wrote: If this movie doesn't has "Dino" I think it boring and uninteresting. in my opinions I like Dino because he funny and cheerful

JD C (jp) wrote: I was not on board with this movie at all until they started the rehearsal scenes. It's an ensemble movie and it doesn't really pick up until everyone's on screen.

Michal J (us) wrote: It's funny how Mickey Rourke's life became sort of a version of Johnny Handsome's story. Funny and sad at the same time. This is a rough and violent action thriller with Mickey Rourke still in his prime, before he sadly decided to swerve his career towards tough-guy rolls through and through (you do not want to see that 1997 Van Damme movie!).

Norbert S (es) wrote: Hypnotic. One of the best films made in the last 20 years. No doubt.

Juan Diego L (fr) wrote: De cierta forma es chevere, ver a este personaje aprender y querer ser una nia normal, y las escenas de fina estn bien hechas, el problema es que no me llam la atencin la relacin con su madre y que cambiara de un momento a otro, fue un cambio muy brusco.

David D (gb) wrote: Hilarious 70s satire, by young Norman Lear, about a town that enters a contest to quit smoking and goes insane in the process.