Onna shikeishû no datsugoku

Onna shikeishû no datsugoku


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Onna shikeishû no datsugoku 1960 full movies, Onna shikeishû no datsugoku torrents movie

Arrested for the murder of her wealthy businessman father, convicted on false evidence and sentenced to death, Kyoko is determined to prove her innocence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff S (kr) wrote: not a patch on the brilliant humour of "East is East", although enjoyable with good acting, this I found more sad than funny!

CK T (ca) wrote: Beginning of the film to a lens, in front of the standing men. In front of his eyes, time seemed to turn back. "420" is the code of aircraft engine parts manufacturing plant, where people were self-sufficient. Who did enjoy these privileges? It was the protagonist of communism - the working class. This was "to do the heroic times". But also as a hero following the social development ,gradually decline, to as the center of the factory workers have been replaced by capitalism, the loss of the original privileges and return to the real world, reduced to the division of workers in the process of a gear. They said that not only themselves, including their family, friendship, love and so on. Director put a real lens showing that the workers in their own stories, stories began to be happy, but the outcome is helpless. When the director told with the workers that he is just like a witness of the era, we looked at times to listen to TV drama, history, and it seems that at that time we was growing up. Director set up the scene, mixed up the era of fifties to a particular element within the lens settings. Present and the past with relative to remind us to cherish and trace the history of the past. We need to preserve History and memories and record, so the director can take advantage of this half-half performances of the form of records. Phase between the actors and workers, whether who wins or who loses, we all know that the progress of Chinese society has gradually become the individualism. When the each of the roles saying about their the family, friends, the last to remind ourselves of the Zhao Tao is "To make money," she's objective is clear, she isn??t a working class, she is under the capitalist individualism her own for the purpose of life, once forgotten his own ego. Inadvertently, she found that their lives still have original parents. Parents is not in her life plan, they only care about the ??face?? of value. Finally, she found that her parents have a hard life for her. In the years China after the time .She is not a unity country, she is opening the door to face the International. The film reminds us that we calm to face the past, in order to become their own now.

James (nl) wrote: about the pointlessness of war, but way to overlong & slow. a group of bored soldiers in a outpost for 2hrs.you'll be even more bored as the random incoming shell isnt a danger to you.

Stephy M (ru) wrote: somehow u feel u can relate with the girl...food is conforting!!!

Simon F (au) wrote: A great story from Ben Elton and the movie is quite quirky, very British. I still always laugh when joely gets on the bike, but all in all petty badly made.

Jason Z (mx) wrote: One of Bill Murray's best. Witty and unique.

Bruno D (br) wrote: Army of Darkness is the third installment in the Evil Dead trilogy. The movie follows Ash as he gets sucked back in time to A.D. 1300 and has to find the Necronomicon in order to come back to his time but after raising the dead, Ash along his fellow knights will have to fight off the Army of Darkness. This movie like the previous two installments is excellent. This movie like the second one doesn't take itself too seriously and produces some hilarious moments. Bruce Cambell is once again great as Ash and delivers a great and hilarious performance as well as does some great physical humor. The story itself is interesting and different from the previous two but still has some of that old school Evil Dead feel to it even if its nothing like the previous two and is all out cheesy and campy in the good way. Overall this movie is fantastic and hilarious. 4/5

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Reid V (es) wrote: What a fantastic film about the artist's journey and the desire for something more than mere "tranquility." While this is my first Kieslowski film, this seemed to be a good place to start as it illuminates Kieslowski's own passion and perfectly encompasses the power & consequences of film. While I would have liked to see more about the effects on the protagonists home life, it is none the less a powerful film. I am very excited to check out the rest of the director's work.

Harim K (nl) wrote: laid back jimmy stewart & tough as nails marlene dietrich... surprisingly nice chemistry. the story may be seem old/predictable but then so is the movie. it has been retold since.

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