Onneli ja Anneli

Onneli ja Anneli

Jill and Joy find money on the street and buy Mrs Rosebud's house. The house is custom-made for two little girls. Jill and Joy start to enjoy the summer of their lives and make the ...

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Jake A (au) wrote: My first foray into the filmography of Woody Allen and though this drama does have a solid cast who act really well, looks great, has a good score and a decent plot I can't relate or sympathise with the majority of the characters who for the most part come across as flimsy and self centred. The script is also pretty average with plenty of exposition and it feels rushed, could've done with a longer runtime.

Vincent K (jp) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen this year. This is criminally underrated.

Mitch T (br) wrote: Although I don't yet understand everything in this movie (I've seen it twice), every second of Primer is endlessly interesting, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be challenged.

Alexi T (fr) wrote: this Japanese film is one of the weirdest films I've seen in years!

Marc (nl) wrote: 41% It's so bad its great, Christopher Walken and Michael Shannon were spectacular though, they will never cease to impress me even in the shittiest of Hollywood productions.

Victor M (ru) wrote: Watching this film again after 23 years. An interesting film, but not a Sy Fy classical.The mix between science and mysticism is not clear for a Sy Fy film.Some loose pieces in the story.

Des S (de) wrote: This turned out to be better than I thought it would. It was fun to watch.

Sean C (ru) wrote: Considering this came out in 1945, this is a shockingly unglorified look at war. Sure the movie has some patriotic moments and insists that this is the good fight (and it is), but it doesn't flinch from the horror of war the way its contemporaries did. Still dated, but clearly ahead of its time and emotionally mature.

Robert H (br) wrote: COLOMBIANA, while a highly entertaining revenge film with a strong female lead, is let down by cliched storytelling and lack of character development. The story is about Cataleya, a woman whose parents were murdered when she was a child. She then becomes an assassin who sets out to avenge her parents' deaths. As far as the action is concerned, I was pleasantly surprised that Olivier Megaton reined in his tendency to over-shoot and edit. The action sequences were all well put-together and comprehensible, although a final act fight scene in a bathroom kind of dipped back into what I generally don't like about modern action sequences. As far as acting was concerned, nobody gave a bad performance (even the actress who played young Cataleya), but it's a shame that they had such a poor script to work with. The weakest part of this movie, and what really does it in, is the story. The audience is never given a window into who Cataleya is or even care aside from the fact that her parents were murdered in front of her. As an adult, she is emotionally distant and has very little personality. Sure, you could say that it's part of the character but I didn't find it very compelling. There's also the issue of everything in the plot being implausible and convoluted. Again, this is escapist entertainment but a lot of those elements really took me out of the movie. Ultimately, though, I had a decent time. The film is by no means boring, but there are a lot of better ones which tackle similar subject matter, e.g., Luc Besson's Leon, which this is perhaps to similar to.

Bruno D (br) wrote: Nemesis is the tenth Star Trek movie and the fourth and final movie of The Next Generation movie series. The movie follows the crew of the enterprise as the try to stop a clone of Captain Picard (Tom Hardy) from destroying earth with a weapon called the Matrix. This movie has received so much back lash as a Trek movie because most feel its a failed conclusion to a stellar series and with an interesting premise that it does have have made people exhausted as its been done so similarly before. For me though I though this movie was great and a fitting conclusion to The Next Generation series. The movies has a great plot and as much as its been done similarly before it was still entertaining and a nice addition. The crew of the enterprise as as great as ever and give good performances. Tom Hardy was great in his role even if his villain isn't amazing but he does deliver a good performance and he is an improvement upon the last Trek villain. The action is awesome and visuals are pretty good as well. The music is also great as it always has been in the Star Trek movies and shows. Overall I was entertained by the movie and found it to be a fitting ending to the old Star Trek movies before the inevitable reboots/sequel. 4/5

Graham M (kr) wrote: While occasionally fun, its tone is all over the place and the very brief animated/comic sections outshine the rest of the movie. It reminds me of Super Mario Bros. in the sense that all the elements from the source material are present, they're just not in the right places.