Oos Raat Ke Baad

Oos Raat Ke Baad


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1969
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Oos Raat Ke Baad torrent reviews

Sonny G (ru) wrote: i like this movie it funny

Keith C (fr) wrote: Schultze is an incredible man. This is a slow movie but it is great.

Joaqun S (fr) wrote: Gotta love John C. Reilly.

Haider S (it) wrote: salman srk madhuri Big stars but film suckss

Greg W (us) wrote: another delightful comedy from Penny Marshall's brother, Garry.

Eric D (au) wrote: Bonne performance d'acteurs de soutient. Histoire Borderline plate.

Art S (nl) wrote: Clint Eastwood's second directorial effort transplants his man-with-no-name character (loosely reconceived from Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns) into a new setting, as a mysterious stranger who wreaks havoc (and possibly vengeance - if he is really an angry ghost) on a mining town with a dirty secret. The town's leaders hire him to defend them from three outlaws (previously hired to defend them but subsequently betrayed) now getting out of prison. The stranger basically ridicules the people of the town, exposing their greed, weakness, and stupidity and then he lets them die. He lets the good ones survive. In keeping with the 1970s revisioning of the western, this is an exceedingly nasty and violent film (including an awful rape scene). My how Clint has changed.

Jonathan T (us) wrote: Beautiful. You've never seen Robert Duvall this way. The location shooting and acting are superb. A simple story of the simple human kindness and gentleness... Two thumbs way up.

Griffin d (nl) wrote: Weak plot, (mostly) wooden acting, predictable script... can I have my 90 minutes back please?

Bill M (gb) wrote: Please everybody: remember it is better to be safe than sorry, better to laugh later than to have to cry.

Richard C (it) wrote: Terrific Burt Lancaster prison movie with many other recognisable actors.

John S (br) wrote: It's amazing what Charlie can do with so little. There's no tangible plot, or anything else that goes on aside from The Tramp getting in the way of filming, but what's amazing is how funny it can get. The joke runs dry fairly fast, but Charlie's charm explodes off the screen and you get the incredibly humbling feeling that every one there at the races must have felt: a legend is being born.

Brandon S (jp) wrote: The action sequences were directed with a music video-like grace, or lack there of, and the direction walks the same line. The bright spot of this all-in-all forgettable blockbuster is the over-the-top, scenery chewing villain that we get from the lovely Eva Green. It may be forgettable, but she certainly isn't.

Gabriel P (de) wrote: Incrivelmente ftil, idiota e clich, mas as sequncias de ao so fenomenais...

Diana S (ru) wrote: Not quite as good as the first movie, it's still smart and enjoyable in an exotic setting.

Cedric L (us) wrote: A great conclusion to the Cornetto Trilogy.