Tony (NTR) is a wily youngster who does illegal things for money. He falls in love with Niharika (Tamanna) during a freak incident. He keeps following her and proposing to her. But she is engaged to some other rich guy. Tony has a secret mission and he is in hot pursuit of somebody. The rest of the story is all about the love story between the lead pair and how Tony achieved his mission.

A youngster, who does anything for money, avenges on those who killed the family of Niharika. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Oosaravelli torrent reviews

Mike B (ca) wrote: A face in the crowd of hunter slasher films. Decent in a late-night bored way.

Nik M (us) wrote: Gomorrah portrays a crime-driven Italian suburbia with utmost realism and its script moves beyond the drama to support it. The result is a dark, documentative delivery on youth and crime.

Timothy M (nl) wrote: More of an "admire from afar" afair like my experience with [i]2046[/i] rather than the outright love of [i]Chungking Express[/i], but I did enjoy this quite a bit. Apart from the rather unique and intoxicating visual style of Wong, he seems to have a knack for presenting situations that are entirely unfamiliar in a cinematic context - or at least they seem that way. I'm certainly liking what I've seen of his work so far, and am certainly looking forward to getting around to [i]In the Mood for Love[/i].

Sam F (kr) wrote: Even though Raiders is the least best in the Indiana Jones series, it was still a very good movie. It was also very funny.

Steven L (jp) wrote: Funny but I don't think a lot of the humor translates 75 years later.

David J (gb) wrote: The spec-ops missions are really cool, and the film is appropriately reverent of whom it portrays. Acting is pretty wooden though.

Alex R (fr) wrote: Alexander offers solid visuals, action sequences and costumes, but its characters feel hollow and synthetic.

Jacky L (mx) wrote: barely into the first 10 minutes and i had 'em goosebumps. touching, heartachingly depressing and scary all at once. at the end of the day, shouldn't the big picture be about humanity, not sexuality, not religion etc etc ?