Op hoop van zegen

Op hoop van zegen

Young Barend is worried about the safety of the sailing vessel he is on. The owner is an unscrupulous and stingy man who skimps on repairs and Barend becomes aware of this. Inevitably there...

Young Barend is worried about the safety of the sailing vessel he is on. The owner is an unscrupulous and stingy man who skimps on repairs and Barend becomes aware of this. Inevitably there... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noel K (jp) wrote: A good indie movie about the depressing situation of a single, immigrant mom and her young children trying to survive in Boston. Little Crystal Chiu is just adorable.

Vincent B (nl) wrote: Superposition de 2 sous-genres, le "Rape And Revenge" et le Shocker la Hostel. Une poigne de moments font (presque) illusions, mais l'ensemble reste trs navrant.

Olli H (es) wrote: Police commisioner Pierre Niemans (Jean Reno) is called to investigate a brutal murder in the town called Guernon. At the same time a young lieutenant Max Kerkerian (Vincent Cassel) starts to investigate a grave desecration in a town called Sarzac. As their cases start to intertwine together, the seasoned legend and the young hot-head must work together to unravel the mystery behind the murders & crimes."Les Rivires pourpres" is quality thriller, which I've seen many times and still it remains great. Jean Reno & Vincent Cassel are both great but the real showstealer is the awesome mountain terrain where they shot the movie. The director Mathieu Kassowitz is also a known actor and it's a shame that his attempts in Hollywood weren't so great ("Gothika" wasn't so good).Bottomline: "Les Rivires pourpres" is very good thriller even though the ending is a little rushed. The sequel is good too by the way.

Vincent G (fr) wrote: es aburrida pq las historias de los personajes no pueden ser entretenidas, as como de dnde. Ulrich al ataque...

Tyler S (ag) wrote: I loved this movie. I caught it on TV the other day and right before I knew it, it was over. I was so intrigued at what I was seeing I was lost in the movie. That is the sign of a good film. It's about a senator who lets loose and starts rapping at campaign stops, and gets involved with the hip hop community. It's awesome seeing Warren Beaty rapping. This is an early Halle Berry movie and she looked incredible. The movie has a liberal since to it. It feels fresh, creative, and just damn fun.

Van R (es) wrote: In this above-average but gritty western, a reformed gunman named'Killer' Cain (Clint Walker of "Cheyenne") emerges from prisonafter serving an 18-year sentence and sets out to earn himself anhonest living. Veteran television director Robert Sparr'sturn-of-the-century oater "More Dead Than Alive" functions as a morality play about redemption and poetic justice set in 1891 that suffers from an Old Testament downbeat ending. Essentially, the theme of this low budget but well-produced horse opera is that you reap what you sew. In other words, what goes around comes around. Sparr is sparing with his use of slow-motion violence, but the death scenes are rather gritty. Nevertheless, watching Vincent Price die from multiple gunshots to the chest is something that you don't always witness, and "More Dead Than Alive" is one of those westerns made when slow-motion violence in movies was in vogue. Certainly, Sparrpulls no punches in this dust-raiser, and Walker is sturdy as ever as theex-convict who wants to do nothing more than settle down with lovelyAnne Francis. Life is particularly cruel to Cain, who grew up on an army post and rarely saw much of his father, and he finds it even more difficult to earn a good living. Initially, when he left prison, he told himself never to touch a gun again. Of course, our protagonist isn't fortunate enough for this to happen. He gets a job as a bouncer at a saloon, but he is fired when the owner learns that Cain gave him a false name. Cain is basically a transient who cannot hold onto a job for any length of time, until he meets the savvy and sagacious Dan Ruffalo (Vincent Price of "The Last Man on Earth") who puts him to work in his traveling gun shooting sideshow. Mind you, Ruffalo's current attraction, a swift-drawing, sharp-shooting kid named Billy Valence (Paul Hampton of "Women of the Prehistoric Planet"), isn't pleased when Ruffalo replaces him with Cain. Billy starts out as Cain's friend, but he becomes his enemy when he realizes that Cain is the big shot of the show. Meantime, Cain meets a beautiful young lady, Monica Alton (Anne Francis of "Bad Day at Black Rock") when she is painting a ghost town. Later, after he grows sour on the shooting show, Cain goes back to see her and decides that he wants to raise livestock on her land. Eventually, they become a couple, butjustice never lets up pursuing Cain and nothing of his redemptive acts prevents him from enjoying his life. Sparr keeps things moving along at a nice pace. Look for screen heavy Emile Meyer as a saloon barkeeper.

Maria V (jp) wrote: This is your run-of-the-mill 50's melodrama with one exception: it tackles subject matter that, for its time, was truly controversial and groundbreaking. Matters of incest, abortion and illegitimacy are all touched upon albeit in a somewhat superficial manner. Lana Turner is once again the straight-laced serious mother hen trying desperately to control her daughter, Diane Varsi, and prevent her from making the same mistakes she did in her youth. There was a lot of potential here but the script ultimately does not live up to it.