Open Hearts

Open Hearts

Cecilie and Joachim are about to get married when a freak car accident leaves Joachim disabled, throwing their lives into a spin. The driver of the other car, Marie, and her family don’t get off lightly, either. Her husband Niels works in the hospital where he meets Cecilie and falls madly in love with her.

A Dogme film about an engaged couple that is torn apart after the man is paralyzed in an accident, and the woman falls in love with the husband of the woman who caused the accident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (de) wrote: A very buttoned down man (nicknamed "robot" by one of his co-workers) begins to, not unbutton, but unravel as his desperate need for approval and acceptance lead him into a life half real and half fantasy with heartbreaking results. Beautiful music, as well.

Nathaniel L (ca) wrote: Many people have lost faith in the movie industry, with the constant decline in production value, it is very difficult to convince one's self to invest time into a film. If it were not for this piece, I most likely would have sold my television. Birdemic 2: The Resurrection has proven me, and the rest of society that a brilliant film can be made with love and dedication. BD 2's use of editing, filmography and CGI has exceeded any movie prior to it. What I cannot wrap around my brain is that something with this much production value can be so undervalued. This movie has unparalleled plot twists going from giant jumbo jellyfish to the rising of zombies from the graves of Hollywood. The use of each individual set is astounding, it makes the audience feel like they are actually in California. With the return of the birds to this movie I could not watch the entirety of it without shading my eyes from the terror. The ending will leave you wanting more, and I can only hope that the producers will see the production genius and return with a third installment of this magnificent trilogy, no doubt rivaling trilogies such as Jaws, Paranormal Activity and Saw combined. As a loving viewer, I can never praise this movie enough, and I must demand all those around me to view this series. And for those looking for a good date night movie, you found it! If you haven't discovered already, you are watching THE movie that will be admired for decades to come.

Deb S (us) wrote: The story of a guy who after banging everything that moved for the first three years of college decides to take the plunge and settle down after graduation. Trouble is the last frat party of his college career is the night before the wedding so he talks his girlfriend into letting him go. He ends up missing his flight and decides to drive there for the wedding. Only thing he reaches late and the girl of his dreams ends up marrying some Italian dude her father wants her to who just so happens to be screwing her sister. She realizes this after the wedding when she catches the two in the act only to get this unrepentant response from her sister, "You said two hours! Two hours! It's been 10 f*cking minutes!" Not to worry though, she runs back (literally) to Guy # 1 realizing he is the better option in the end. Lame, watch it at your own risk.

Antwan J J (au) wrote: reminds me of a distant classic inspired film called disney's cheetah

Lucas M (jp) wrote: Its a great movie for kids but as an adult, it's a total bore with few laughs.

Faisal A (jp) wrote: I love superheros, whether done in a fun, campy, cartoonish way, or grounded in their worlds; They can be shallow, or complex; they can be taken seriously or for granted; It is up to the creators and the audience. I personally enjoy the superheroes of Marvel and DC, because there are real characters, and they have a very mythical feel to them at the same time. "Mystery Men" does not deal with vigilantism or being a superpowered hero in the same way that Batman or Superman or any Marvel/DC stories do; instead this is closer to the tick, and exists in this wacky world, which frankly, I enjoyed watching.

Richard B (kr) wrote: A fantastic film. Perfect from start to finish.

Greg R (ru) wrote: A cheesy, campy horror-comedy popcorn classic.