Open Up to Me

Open Up to Me

At first glance Maarit looks like any other woman in her early forties. There is, however, something strange under the surface. She radiates sexual energy that is hard to define.

Maarit has successfully managed to live a double life - a male body transformed into an attractive and intelligent woman. However, this new life has come at a considerable price, as many ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Open Up to Me torrent reviews

Grant H (ca) wrote: Great movie. Funny, cool, stylish, great performances from its cast, especially Jackson.

Justin S (es) wrote: Doesn't really go over each character, just concept of villains.

David J (it) wrote: Seriously batshit crazy.

Arum Padma O (es) wrote: it's always enjoying to see a movie that stand for itself. Van Sant could deliver its characters' insight so well.

Quinto W (es) wrote: Isabela Corona gives an amazing performance as the wicked Aunt Alejandra, and so does Diana Bracho as the grieving and confused housewife. It lacks suspense, something you want in a horror movie, and Aunt Alejandra's intentions are never explored, you don't get to know the characters very well, but it's still a fun movie with enough mystery to keep watching.

Greg W (gb) wrote: what a real mess-don't bother

Evan H (it) wrote: a very good movie thats well acted out by great people.

Yasemin Y (us) wrote: Such a beautiful movie. Jack Nicholsons performance is on top as always