A young opperata is stalked by a deranged fan bent on killing the people associated with her to claim her for himself.

A young opperata is stalked by a deranged fan bent on killing the people associated with her to claim her for himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob S (nl) wrote: BEYOND HORRIBLE. I have never in my life seen a worse DCOM than this. It seems like the script was thrown together in 20 minutes with evil twins and a mad scientist being the main plot (let's be honest, how many times have we heard that one). This movie is nowhere near as funny as the show and there's a constant angry tension between Zack and Cody and Cody and Bailey.Just plain stupid. Don't waste your time.

Matthew S (es) wrote: Vexille, from the same studio that brought us the ambitious yet flawed "Appleseed", brings us a film that is very similar to "Appleseed" in both style and execution, which isn't necessarily to the film's credit. The premise of Vexille is excellent, tying in with several prevalent issues of today, but the film refuses to delve beneath the surface as Appleseed did, and explore the meaning behind the controversy of android development. The animation, is (as expected) astonishing, and the action is definitely a step up from "Appleseed", particularly the tunnel chase. Many of the set-pieces are amazing, but the characters fail to hold up as more than wooden mannequins. The pacing of the film is very good, if only because it knocked off the timing of basically every half-decent action film. By the time the credits roll, you may have new thoughts in your head, and you might be entertained. But you won't be astounded. You will simply be satisfied, as you cross this film off of your list. OVERALL: 6.0/10

James P (ru) wrote: Better than I would have guessed, although it would have been better with a different kind of creature.

Alexi T (fr) wrote: i would love to see this! :D

Rachel S (fr) wrote: Huh. This sounds interesting.

Victor M (de) wrote: Quiz show, based on a real story, shoes us the evil side of TV business. The one without scruples, where only maters the ratings and the money of course. The "star" contestants are replaced according to the requirements of the sponsor.This film reminds me of another ones related to the media influence, as Sidney Lumet's "Network" or Elia Kazan's "A face in the crowd".

Andrew O (fr) wrote: An amusing mash up of slapstick and ironic comedy. Would rather have seen a different "Panther" movie before this.

Roger R (ru) wrote: This film can be enjoyed on many levels. Its a great "shoot em up and the good guys win" type war movie with pretty good models and special effects for 1960. The problem for the writer and director is how to make a film about a guy in a bunker moving toy boats around a map seem interesting. Kenneth More as Capt John Shepard is locked in bunker with no sense of time or even what day it is, Fortunately he has the enticing Dana Winter by his side. Yet at no time do we feel a disconnect between this claustrophobic environment and a cat and mouse battle on the high seas. The true story of the Bismark is the stuff of legends so fortunately telling it as accurately as possible will be a great film in any case. I have seen Kenneth More in many many films. I shed a tear when he died. He is one of the great "every man" figures of British Cinema along with John Mills and can and has played every role from a leader of men to the most humble. His triumph in the bunker is not only sinking the Bismark and helping save Britain in the battle of the Atlantic, but reconnecting with his humanity in the shadow of personal tragedy. I think this is his best performance ever. The other filmic device of note is the use of the American radio reporter. In characteristically British fashion, the filmmakers eschew having the british tell us how brave they are and how much the loss of HMS Hood means to the Empire, but does so through this and other reporters around the world. The American reporter acts as a greek chorus in this setting. A remarkable film which by its seamless use of war footage, radio and other reports from the outside world is actually an early post modern masterpiece.

John W (it) wrote: Interesting to see lots of footage of the actual voyage of the Kon Tiki and life onboard. Requires some patience with the plodding, amateur feel of 1950 black & white documentary, but worth it.

DennisnCecille N (us) wrote: classic .. kids liked it except mya complains about the special effects.. she said it looks fake lol

Nicolas P (au) wrote: Poco frente a tanto que ha hecho Dreamworks.