Operación cabaretera

Operación cabaretera


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   spy,   hotel,  

Your job as a hostess in Malaga allows Hippolyta meet many men. One of them is a Chinese traveler, just in time to take her to her room, is killed. So, the blame falls on another Hippolyta customers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle F (it) wrote: This was a great play by play of the most unforgettable day in the United States, I love how they portrayed something that happened so long ago, in a 2013 format, Ginnifer Goodwin played the best Jackie-O that I have ever seen, Kudos!

Mark O (br) wrote: The American dream turned nightmare, turned dream? The Germans made the word schadenfreude after they saw this movie

Amie G (fr) wrote: The mother was so messed up. Some of the abuse scenes I couldn't watch.

Olivier B (de) wrote: Cute et super plaisant regarder.

Amanda C (us) wrote: While not the best, most faithful adaption of Anne, it captures some of the heart of the original tale. Any book lovers will recognize revamped scenes from the novel, and will be furious at Sullivan for creating a fictional account of Anne's father, Walter Shirley. The movie was charming without being wonderful.

John P (mx) wrote: Movie seems like a TV movie with a couple great performances. Adrian Brody is good, but seems to be just going through the motions. The standout here is Jeffrey Wright, on of the mos6 underrated actors out there. He is great as Muddy Waters. The movie starts going downhill with the appearance of Beyonce. She is okay, but she is no Etta James, who is? She sounds like Beyonce singing Etta James songs. Overall, not bad, but could have been better.

Chris D (it) wrote: Should have gone direct to the garbage bin rather than direct to video.

Cole F (gb) wrote: The animation is the worst I've ever seen! That is the main problem of the film. Other than that, the story is pretty awful, and it goes on way too long!!!

CJ C (it) wrote: This is the tale of 4 unlikable narcissists that should get over themselves. Since almost everyone here in the US believes they are talented geniuses waiting to be discovered or they are going to be the next American Idol & become billionaires, I found this film to be pertinent.

Casey L (jp) wrote: Funny in a bizarre sort of way...

stacy j (nl) wrote: i really liked this movie

Aaron K (au) wrote: A classic. Stolen treasure, forbidden skills, and killer masks.

Christopher S (us) wrote: A gentler effort from director Sam Peckinpah is a sensitive portrait of a dying Southwestern culture, but unless you're just as fascinated by the rodeo lifestyle as he seems to be, this film can be a chore to sit through. Interesting characters and great authentic performances from an impressive cast, and Peckinpah's trademark fast-cutting/slow-motion flourishes make for a handful of interesting moments - but the leisurely pacing never develops the necessary energy, and the story is just never compelling enough. It's clear a lot of heart went into this movie, but ultimately, a dull disappointment.

Tero H (es) wrote: a beautiful, clever and sad movie which takes you to its time and place.

Dan M (mx) wrote: Not my kind of movie, but it's on the 1001 list and know I have seen it. I did appreciate a scene that probably inspired the musical number in Big Lebowski.