Operación E

Operación E

A thriller centered on a family taken hostage by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

A thriller centered on a family taken hostage by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Operación E torrent reviews

Gary B (fr) wrote: best part was the opening scene, after that the movie becomes a mess

Rodney L (gb) wrote: If there is something i will be doing is obsessing over the director of this film......

Jesse K (ca) wrote: The scares are off and on, some being the typical kind to make you jump and the more successful kind relying on the atmosphere. But The Borderlands (or Final Prayer) features a solid script, good performances and a jaw-dropping shocker of an ending.

Emma L (nl) wrote: I wanted to like this so much but sadly, while it's a decent film which looks as good as Argento always does, there are some major flaws. It lacks what I consider to be several key features of Giallo films: a terrifying killer (this one is just silly); a charming heroine/hero; black humour; and a shock twist or ending. Adrien Brody is a good actor but he plays his cop-with-issues too heavy-handedly, whilst Emmanuelle Seigner is an annoying, rather horrible female lead, completely without the vulnerability or spunk a Giallo heroine requires. It was also a huge mistake to have the killer portrayed by Brody too, as even under the heavy prosthetics, it is clearly him, which merely serves as a distraction.Not terrible but far from one of Argento's classics.

AJ T (it) wrote: If you don't mind a dark and violent anime, I DO recommend this one.

deseri p (ag) wrote: in love this movie it chrismas

Private U (nl) wrote: Tsui Hark at his fucking best

Trevor W (de) wrote: A funny film about the struggles of an awkward gentleman trying to survive and find love in Alaska during a gold rush. Despite the fact that the two main plots aren't as interwoven as should be, the film is still very funny today, in its 90th anniversary year.Disclaimer: The version I watched was narrated by Charlie Chaplin himself, several years later.

Robert S (ag) wrote: I am Legend is a really good movie it differs from the novel which is one of my favorite books of all time, the book in my humble opinion is way better the book just has a lot more in it. I'd prefer they stay true to the novel but they change the vampires to zombies along with other things. But the movie is very entertaining nonetheless.

Tim M (fr) wrote: Unimpressive animation, awesome premise. An army of zeppelins and three-legged mechs led by Teddy Roosevelt prepared for a second coming of the Martian invaders. But it's 1914, can they beat back the technologically superior foe? Fun flick.