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Mira Mohd S (br) wrote: I am not of a fan of the prequel as most people are but still it had something going for it..the right cast, music, plot etc..but this one fails in every direction except the cast..the main plot here is the Bro-mance between Akshay & Imran..which actually works well..instead of a gangster movie like its prequel..this one is mostly a romantic comedy with some action thrown here & there..Akshay is menacing as the evil shoaib..Its the 1st time i liked Imran khan in an action outing (after disasters Kidnap & Luck)..Sonakhsi looks really pretty & holds her own...overall i think it was a wise move from being derailed by Chennai Express...

Carol M (ag) wrote: I am no Efron fan, and this is not a "great" movie, but for its genre, I found it less mawkish than most. I don't understand why the reviews were so acidic in their criticism of this film. It managed to hold my interest despite my not being a fan of the sentimental death flick.

Jenn T (gb) wrote: I actually didn't hate this flick, it was well acted with a decent plot, although a little slow.

Amber G (ca) wrote: five stars, of course. i often forget that i am an unapologetic atheist, getting watered down the the tolerance and apathy i generally display in my life. then something like this comes along that thankfully reminds me of the few things on earth i truly do believe in... or perhaps rather don't. "I??m a scientist and I believe there is a profound contradiction between science and religious belief. There is no well demonstrated reason to believe in God, and I think the idea of a divine creator belittles the elegant reality of the universe. ... Science we are told should not tread on the toes of theology. But why should scientists tiptoe respectfully away? The time has come for people of reason to say, enough is enough."

Craig B (kr) wrote: "Pope Leo IV", a fictitious pope, played by Tom Conti, suffers doubts about his faith, when he realizes that he cannot honor a mother's request to save her dying child. After a young deaf child finds her way to the Vatican to ask the pope to send a new priest to her village to replace the priest, who abandoned his post, a series of comical events leads the new pope locked outside the Vatican, dressed in his gardening clothes. Unable to reenter the Vatican, because the security staff is preoccupied with watching a football game, and unrecognizable to the public, he remembers the little deaf girl, and the plight of her village. He then hitchhikes to the village, and finds that the villagers there have suffered a similar crisis of faith, and helplessness to fend for themselves. He then enlists a gang of boys to help him, and the delinquent town priest, to restore the dignity and faith of the town's people, without outside help from the Vatican. These efforts lead to a tragedy that galvanizes the town's people to work with this apparent naive vagabond to restore the town's ability to function, without outside charity. This a wonderful film about exploring one's beliefs, and putting those beliefs to practical use. Something that the current pontiff, Pope Francis (a practical display of Christian values), would undoubtedly support.

Russ B (us) wrote: 11/5/2016: I love this classic 80's adventure movie. Douglas and Turner are great together and made it a fun flick.

David F (us) wrote: This movie is like an Edward Hopper painting come to life, complete with lonely, desperate characters moving about a post-war America of unequal prosperity and upsetting change. Oh, and Freudianism.

Rick V (es) wrote: Shortage of drugs used to cure Zombie outbreak causes havoc. (netflex)

Jennifer B (ca) wrote: A really old Fred Astaire! See the classic film flicker as Fred dances and croons into your heart! :)