Operation Amsterdam

Operation Amsterdam

Operation Amsterdam is a 1959 adventure film, directed by Michael McCarthy, and featuring Peter Finch, Eva Bartok, and Tony Britton. It is based on a true story as described in the book Adventure in Diamonds, by David E Walker. The action of the story covers a few days in May 1940 when the Germans invaded Holland.

During WW II, British commandos visit occupied Holland to keep a fortune in diamonds out of Nazi hands. Tense action follows as Anna, Jan and their colleagues play cat and mouse with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (ru) wrote: Superior political/terrorist thriller with good screenplay and acting by Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling. Gripping and gritty, while illustrating the moral dilemmas on both sides.

Cthonus C (it) wrote: A menage-a-trois between two gay Frenchmen and a young Jewish girlm whom they take and try to protect from the Gestapo and Nazi-collaborators.

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Keasha (us) wrote: It's ok. If it wasn't for the popular actors in it it would definitly be a low budget movie. I love Charlize Theron in all movies though.

Skyler B (nl) wrote: I saw this on video and remember nothing about it, now. And I'm not that interested in trying to see it again.

Kimmy H (es) wrote: This whole series needs to come out in a box set.

Ryan W (br) wrote: A well done addition to the series, one of the best sequels in the series despite the series beginning to evolve into a farce.

Daniel H (de) wrote: :rotten: [CENTER]What makes this movie so pointless, is that too many good characters have died. So this does not count as a comedy.[/CENTER]

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