Operation Cross Eagles

Operation Cross Eagles

War - In this thrilling war drama set in Yugoslavia during WWII, a small band of courageous commandoes are sent to kidnap an important German commander in exchange for an American general being held in a German fortress. "Operation Cross Eagles" is a story of suspense and intrigue that will have you on the edge of your seat one moment and blast you back the next. - Richard Conte, Rory Calhoun, Aili King

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

In this thrilling war drama set in Yugoslavia during WWII, a small band of courageous commandoes are sent to kidnap an important German commander in exchange for an American general being held in a German fortress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven W (kr) wrote: Jacque Fresco is a futurist with ideas that will have you intrigued and in awe the whole way through. It could work but as with all people with his vision it is a shame that it seems impossible.

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Ivy K (fr) wrote: This deserves much better ratings than it has. It was utterly entirely ridiculous, but it was supposed to be and it was fun and that's nothing to get mad about. Kept me thoroughly entertained and what a great cast (except Adam Sandler, who I just don't find amusing or tolerable in much of anything, but didn't hate his pairing with Liev.)

Brian H (gb) wrote: Rob Lowe was excellent.

Paul D (ag) wrote: A hammer with little horror despite being made at the height of its gore popularity. This one concentrates on the mind games played by the mad monk and Christopher Lee dominates the running time. It's disappointing because it's not that interesting and it is not even a biography that attempts to remain truthful to the man and his actions. Given the fact they were making the story up they did a poor job of it here.

Ryan H (fr) wrote: What a brilliant idea to set the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in the Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro. In this way, Marcel Camus got to include much of the music, dancing, and color of the city during the time. If the story of Orpheus and Eurydice isn't quite your taste, then at least you get the chance to soak up the culture. But at the same time there are plenty of interesting choices made with the story and characters. It opens with Eurydice making her way to Rio De Janeiro to be with her cousin, and only later do we discover she's running from a man she thinks is trying to kill her (this is revealed when she gets the chance to talk to her cousin). When Eurydice arrives she meets Orpheus at the train station where he works. At this time he already has a fiance who doesn't seem to get the hint that he might not love her the way she loves him. Perhaps there's more infatuation going on there because of Orpheus's beautiful voice and guitar playing. He tells her he would rather buy back his guitar from the pawn shop than buy her an engagement ring, so she goes out and buys one herself and says it's on loan. When they go up to get a license to be married, the man working there asks if his fiance's name is Eurydice since he's Orpheus. Mira of course becomes upset by this comment and doesn't know who Eurydice could be, but the man is simply making a reference to the classic story. Orpheus doesn't even know at this time the new girl in town's name is Eurydice. Once he figures out her name and spends time with her he starts realizing that their love has transcended time. The old story of Orpheus and Eurydice was true. And here they are in 1959 at Carnaval. Orpheus begins to pursue Eurydice and wants to be with her no matter what. He's ready to tell Mira it's over and love Eurydice for the rest of his life. The only problem is that Mira's incredibly jealous. Luckily the film doesn't dip into the obvious idea of having Mira kill Eurydice and Orpheus having to go look for her. That's what the masked man is for. I really loved the scene where they are dancing together at the Carnaval and the masked man throws confetti over her. He's explicitly stated to be death. I like the way Camus had Death move around in smooth and sneaky ways. He doesn't just walk like a man, but like a predator stalking its prey. When Mira discovers Eurydice was actually the one under the veil and not Serafina she becomes wildly jealous because she had been dancing with Orpheus all night. Things get hectic and Eurydice runs away and Orpheus chases after her. Of course this leads to Death following her and eventually taking her, and when Orpheus discovers she's dead he goes in search of her. There's no way she's dead, but if she is then perhaps he can somehow bring her back. I didn't care much for the scene where she talks to him but he can't turn around. That's part of the original myth, but I don't think it was worked in very well. If she was speaking through the fat woman, then how would things have worked out? It's no fault of Orpheus to turn around and look at her. What was he going to do, have the fat woman follow him around everywhere and he can just listen to Eurydice speaking to him? She asks if that's enough, just to hear her voice, and the obvious answer is no. So what was the big deal if she didn't speak to him anymore? The real closure comes from finding her body. I really liked the boys thinking that Orpheus brings the sun up every day by playing guitar. Sweet innocence like that always wins me over in films. This makes the ending so perfect, having the boy play the guitar and believing he has become the new Orpheus and the sun raises because of him. Then the little girl dances and loves his guitar. The cycle continues. There's something beautiful, even after the tragedy of Orpheus being killed by his fiance by her throwing a rock at his head and him falling off the cliff with Eurydice in his hands. I guess even though you know the ending suggests these kids will go through the same thing one day, there's still much beauty ahead of them. I remember hearing once that happy endings are only happy because where they decided to stop, but if they kept going they would eventually end in tragedy. That definitely applies here. The other thing I didn't care much for was the fact that Eurydice seemed to have an interesting past, since death was following her and all, but I didn't feel like we knew anything about her by the end. She's beautiful. She knows about the Zodiac signs. That's it. Marcel Camus captures much more good than bad with Black Orpheus, just a part of me really wishes there was more to the characters and the climax was thought out better.

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Jacob S (fr) wrote: Really takes you inside the the struggles of all parties involved in the crack game. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. No one really wins when youre dealing with this shit. Also, Errol's description of his life/habit has an awesome delivery

Artrs L (ca) wrote: entertaning and moving.

Barney o (ru) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: An amusing tale that deals with some serious themes in a light hearted and fun way; there's some great relationship development tooWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The plot is it's biggest downfall as there isn't really one at all - it's very basic and dull so the majority of the film is slow paced. Basically the overall idea of the film is very basic and struggles to fill a full film lengthVERDICT: 'Role Models' is an easy watching comedy that isn't bad, but lacks the pace and snappy nature a film like this needs thanks to it's simple plot

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