Operation Dunkirk

Operation Dunkirk

A band of soldiers tasked with staying behind during the Battle of Dunkirk to rescue a scientist with information that could turn the tide of the war must battle their way through dangerous Nazi territory to complete their mission.

The movie tells the story of a band of soldiers who must battle their way through Nazi territory to rescue a scientist that could help turn the tide of WWII. Can they protect her long enough to escape the war zone and finally end the conflict with her help? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua F (it) wrote: The worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Frances H (us) wrote: Not quite up to the usual Mystery on PBS, but enjoyable.

Aaron M (it) wrote: Homefront is exactly what you'd expect from a Jason Statham movie as he's back doing what he does best. Theres nothing new to see as its pretty much a run of the mill action movie but has a interesting storyline, likeable characters and good action. Its an enjoyable watch for sure, even if its predictable and stereotypical as what it does do it does well. A solid dumb binge movie for the end of a stressful week.

Ted N (de) wrote: Jafaar, a poor Palestinian fisherman, catches a Vietnamese pig in his nets, with curious consequences for both sides. Magic realism, descending on on Gaza, gives rise to a patchy whimsical comedy masquerading as allegory/political satire. Unsurprisingly the writers find it hard to make a convincing ending, and don't do it soon enough. Touching central performance from Sasson Gabai.

Private U (ru) wrote: I cannot warn fans of zombie movies enough that THIS IS NOT A ZOMBIE MOVIE. It is marketed as such, but really. THIS IS NOT A ZOMBIE MOVIE.

Joel H (de) wrote: I appreciate Before Sunset for what it is - a sequel made nine years after the original, set nine years after the original, starring the same two actors and following up on the events of the original - but that doesn't mean I liked it. The conversations in this film weren't as interesting as the first movie, and I didn't want the two romantic leads to get together anymore. Yes, it feels very realistic, but who wants to listen to people complain about their life and their marriage for over an hour?

Nate C (kr) wrote: An inspiring and powerful adaptation of Macbeth. Wonderful performances from all, and especially Irfan Khan as the emotionally torn Maqbool and Pankaj Kapur as the powerful but flawed mob boss, Abbaji.I thought that the story updates were clever and appropriate to maintain the emotion and tension of the original: the witches were policemen, watching objectively as fate leveled the powerful, and Nimmi (Tabu) as the boss' abused and seductive mistress creates a powerful incentive for Maqbool.The director/writer also did an amazing adaptation of Othello called Omkara.

Private U (es) wrote: A decent directorial effort for Donnie. The highlights are the action scenes. The rest of the film is pretty much forgetable.

Mary O (jp) wrote: the movie is a little slow. The exploration of Melinda and her interactions and feelings with herself, her friends, classmates, family and the world make up for it. It's spot on.