Operation Duryodhana

Operation Duryodhana

Mahesh (Srikanth) is a sincere and honest police officer. He loses his kids and his wife gets paralyzed as few politicians who don’t like his sincerity harm his family. Mahesh changes his appearance and name to join the gang to politicians to become one. The rest of the story is all about how he makes people realize that there is some fault in the system.

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lil stilly l (ca) wrote: Obviously misunderstood or too emotionally intelligent for most reviewers here, this film is nothing short of a masterpiece, that maneuvers between fear and love with such articulation and precision that it becomes an experience rather than a film.

Marilyn A (ca) wrote: Fabulous movie!!!! So inspiring

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Adriano B (it) wrote: Samurai VS Zombie VS Jakuza VS bastard police VS Immortals. Versus is, well, a tribute to conflict in every form, everyone VS everything, in eternal, mesmerizing cycles. Low budget, high ingenuity, keeps you always surprised up to the ending twist: a natural precursor of Aragami. Good match, Kitamura!

Matt B (ru) wrote: Linney and Ruffalo are great.

Mark G (nl) wrote: This title is awesome, I must see it.

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